US evacuates military base in Syria

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US evacuates military base in Syria

The United States, one of the leading actors in the escalation of tensions in the Middle East, has allegedly evacuated all personnel from its military base near Qamishli, 700 km from Damascus, due to repeated attacks in Syria.

This claim was reported by Iran’s Tasnim news agency, citing sources, and according to the information obtained, approximately 350 US soldiers are serving in the US military base.

The base, located 4 kilometers from the airport in Qamishli city in northern Syria bordering Iraq, is one of the strategically important US military bases in Syria, but the US authorities have not yet confirmed this information.

On January 9, US Department of Defense (Pentagon) Spokesperson Patrick Ryder stated that US forces in Iraq and Syria have been attacked 127 times since October 17, 2023, with 52 of these attacks on US bases in Iraq and 75 attacks on bases in Syria.

We have no plans to withdraw our troops from Iraq

Ryder said he was not aware of any plans to withdraw from Iraq despite the attacks, adding that they continued to focus on the ‘Joint Task Force for Operations Inherent Resolve’ missions in the fight against ISIS.


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