Biden ‘not keen’ to face cameras as US launches Yemen bombing campaign

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The position of the Biden administration has been the same for a week; there will be consequences for the Houthis if they continue to attack shipping in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.

The interesting thing is that the White House press pool was told to go home about an hour ago. That suggests that we’re not going to have any official statements from the Joe Biden as he gets involved in another war in the in the region, as he starts bombing Yemen.

Remember Joe Biden was the candidate who said he was going to end endless wars, specifically in the Middle East, specifically in Yemen. That was a major part of his campaign, to stop the war in Yemen.

But now, he again, like the two presidents before him, is bombing Yemen, or at least involved in the bombing of Yemen.

Clearly, then, he’s not terribly keen on facing the cameras tonight it would appear.

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