US: President Biden’s clear support for F-16 sale to Turkey continues

The US administration welcomed the passage of Sweden's NATO membership proposal by the Turkish Grand National Assembly's (TGNA) Foreign Relations Committee and expressed US President Joe Biden's clear support for the sale of F-16s to Turkey.

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Responding to an AA correspondent’s question, the US State Department noted that Turkey greatly welcomed Sweden’s recent step towards NATO membership.

“President Biden continues his long-standing and unequivocal support for the modernization of Turkey’s F-16 fleet, which will enhance NATO’s operational capability,” the ministry said.

Noting that they welcomed the adoption of Sweden’s proposal for NATO membership by the Turkish Parliament’s Foreign Relations Committee, the US State Department said that they would not be able to comment or comment on such foreign arms sales until official notification to Congress of the sale of F-16s to Ankara.

The Bill on the Approval of the Ratification of the Protocol on Sweden’s Accession to NATO was adopted by the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Turkish Grand National Assembly.


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