Who is Evan Spiegel?

Snapchat: A Leading Social Media Platform Founded by Internet Entrepreneur Evan Spiegel.

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Social media networks are among the most used applications among users of today’s technology. One of them, Snapchat, is a video and instant messaging mobile application. The Snapchat platform was founded by three co-founders. One of the founders is an American internet entrepreneur. The entrepreneur Evan Spiegel is the CEO and chief executive officer of Snap. So who is Evan Spiegel?

Evan Spiegel is the co-founder and CEO of Snapchat, one of the largest social media networks today. Spiegel’s university period is one of the most important decisions in his life. The biggest reason for this is that Spiegel’s startup story began here. Thus, the Snapchat platform started as a class project and evolved from a simple assignment into a company.

In 2015, at the age of 25, American businessman Spiegel became the world’s youngest billionaire. According to Forbes, Spiegel has a real-time net worth of $2.7 billion. His fortune is a result of the success of Snapchat and its growth as a social media network. On the other hand, Spiegel stands out as a young entrepreneur who is admired by the world for the success story of his venture.

Facebook, now known as Meta, founded by Mark Zuckerberg, is perhaps the leading social media company. Meta achieved growth by adding the Intagram platform to its structure in 2012. On the other hand, another platform it tried to incorporate was Snapchat. However, it failed in this regard.

Evan Spiegel, who is 32 years old today, continues to be at the top of his career. On the other hand, he has been on the agenda of the tabloid press as well as technology news. So how did the successful story of Evan Spiegel, who became a billionaire at a young age, begin? How did Spiegel’s career accelerate? How was Snapchat, one of the world’s largest popular social networks, founded?

If you are looking for answers to these questions and wondering who Evan Spiegel is, this content will be for you. Now let’s start with the answer to the question ‘Who is Evan Spiegel?

Who is Evan Spiegel?

Evan Thomas Spiegel is an American internet entrepreneur. Spiegel, who is also a successful businessman, is a “Chief Executive” in the Snapchat executive team. He is even the co-founder of Snapchat. Moreover, Spiegel became the world’s youngest billionaire at the age of 25. In 2014, Evan Spiegel, who started to make his voice heard in the world of technology, is one of the entrepreneurs who attracted attention with his successful story.

Known as a technological genius, Spiegel is also a generous philanthropist. On the other hand, he is also known for having opposing views. However, despite all opinions, we agree that Spiegel has been successful with his contribution and investments in Snap. In addition to all these views, with the rise of the Snapchat platform, Spiegel and his co-founder Murphy started to use their fortune to help the world.

Over the next 20 years, the duo has pledged to donate stocks. All these funds are used directly for non-profit programs for the arts, education and youth. In addition, the company is also known to donate to other charitable causes. So who is Evan Spiegel, the young entrepreneur known as Snapchat co-founder? How did Spiegel’s story begin? Let’s take a closer look at the answers to these questions.

Evan Spiegel was born on June 4, 1990. Spiegel was born in Los Angeles, United States of America. Evan Spiegel was born into a wealthy, affluent family. Spiegel’s parents are Melissa Ann Thomas and John W. Spiegel. The profession of the parents of the famous business person is a lawyer. Evan Spiegel grew up in the Pacific Palisades neighborhood of Los Angeles. It is also known that he has all the opportunities that a rich family child can have.

In 2016, Evan Spiegel became a much talked about entrepreneur on the agenda of the tabloid press. Spiegel started a romance with Australian model Miranda Kerr. The couple got engaged in 2016 and got married in 2017. In 2018, the couple had their first child. Spiegel and Kerr have two children. These; Hart Spiegel and Myles Spiegel. Miranda Kerr is known as Spiegel’s biggest supporter. Famous model Miranda Kerr also actively uses the platform by frequently sharing Snap with her friends and circle.

Spiegel’s Training Period

Evan Spiegel continued his education in private schools. At the same time, Spiegel started his university life at his father’s alma mater. Although he was not the best student at the private Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences, Spiegel excelled as a graphic designer. Spiegel was then accepted to Standford University for his studies. However, he left before finishing school due to his Snapchat venture.

Spiegel only graduated from Standford University in 2018 with a bachelor’s degree in product design. Choosing a university was one of the most important steps in his life. Together with his friends Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown, whom he met at Standford University, they started a startup story. As it is known, this venture story has emerged as Snapchat. So how did Evan Spiegel step into his career? What is the story of Snapchat? Let’s examine the answers to these questions closely.

Evan Spiegel’s Career

Learning from past mistakes and moving on with confident steps is one of the life philosophies most of us know. Spiegel’s career is an example of this, with failures and proven successes. Past mistakes have at some point led to a successful path in Spiegel’s life that guarantees his future. So how did Snapchat CEO and co-founder Evan Spiegel’s career begin? How was Snapchat founded?

Who is Evan Spiegel? 1

Before the Snapchat platform was launched, Spiegel started his career with an internship program. Spiegel interned at Red Bull. He then worked as a career trainer in South Africa. While his career could have gone in any direction, Spiegel decided to make his mark in the tech world. With his venture into the tech world, Spiegel managed to achieve a net worth of over 1 billion dollars at the age of 25.

But before Snapchat, Spiegel founded a start-up called Future Freshman in 2010. A website, Future Freshman aimed to improve the way high school students applied to college. It provided advice to students and parents on the college application process. It also offered a service to reduce student stress. However, the Future Freshman initiative did not gain popularity. Spiegel was therefore forced to abandon the idea.

Evan Spiegel and Bobby Murphy realized they made a good team. In April 2011, Spiegel and Murphy decided to create an application in the world of mobile photo sharing. The Snapchat platform was born. “We wanted a place where we could share weird selfies and funny photos with our friends,” Spiegel wrote in a blog post about how Snapchat was founded.

The Founding Story of the Snapchat Platform

Snap Inc. is a camera company. The origin story of Snap Inc., which we know as the Snapchat mobile app, started as a university course project. But this project turned out to be more than a simple assignment. The potential of the project, which was not a simple assignment, was realized. The original name of the app was Picaboo. But at university, the project was not going well. Yet despite all the criticism, the co-founders didn’t give up.

Camped out at Spiegel’s house in the summer of 2011, the three co-founders launched the business. Spiegel was CEO and designer, Murphy was CTO and developer, and Brown was chief marketing officer. In July 2011, an early version of Snapchat was released.

Under Spiegel’s leadership, Snapchat quickly gained popularity among young users. By 2012, the app had registered 20,000 users. So Spiegel decided to leave school in 2012 to devote more time to his project.

During this period, he worked a side job to cover his personal expenses. Spiegel started working at the software manufacturer Intuit and continued to work on Snapchat. He then focused all his time on his Snapchat venture. For this reason, Spiegel decided to move back to his family’s home in the Palisades.Who is Evan Spiegel? 2

In 2012, Instagram was sold for 1 billion dollars and incorporated into Facebook. In 2013, Facebook made a similar offer to Evan Spiegel for 3 times more. However, Spiegel turned down the offer. The initiative, which continued on its way with its own means, received a serious investment in 2015.

Before this investment, Spiegel was afraid that his ideas would be stolen. For this reason, he refused to talk to angel investors for a while. He even preferred to maximize his credit cards for the company’s investments. Then he changed his mind and Snapchat started to flourish with the investments it received.

In September 2016, Snapchat changed its brand name to Snap. Snap became a social media company, including other technologies. The following year, Snap went public. By 2018, Snapchat managed to reach 187 million users.

General Evaluation

In this content, we tried to answer the question of who is Evan Spiegel, the American internet entrepreneur who attracted attention as the world’s youngest billionaire with his successful career life. We touched on the founding story of Snap Inc., which emerged as a course project and later became the world’s largest social network and social media company.

In a nutshell, Evan Spiegel is a genius of the tech world and a successful young entrepreneur. He is also the chief executive of Snapchat, one of the world’s largest social networks.

Born into a wealthy family in Los Angeles, USA, Evan Spiegel had a privileged childhood. He also developed an interest in technology from an early age. Thus, the opportunities he has had and the traces of his work can be seen in his career today.

In addition to his successful career, Evan Spiegel has also received a number of awards. In 2013, Evan Spiegel won the Crunchies Award for Best Mobile App. He was also awarded the Eddy Award by the LAEDC in 2015 for his leading role in developing the Los Angeles economy and creating good-paying jobs for its residents.

In 2017, he became the youngest public company CEO at the age of 26 with the launch of Snap. As of 2021, Spiegel ranked 55th on the Forbes 400 list with a fortune of $13.8 billion.

Undoubtedly, many of us have heard about the success of the Snapchat platform, which stands out as a video and instant messaging application. In this context, we may not know who the names in the background of Snap Inc., which continues on its way as a camera company. For this reason, we continue to add new ones to our guides where we talk about the stories of successful business people and entrepreneurs. In this content, we touched on the story of American internet entrepreneur Evan Spiegel.

What do you think about Evan Spiegel, the world’s youngest billionaire? How did you find Spiegel’s career and entrepreneurship story? You can share your comments and thoughts about Evan Spiegel with us in the comments section below.


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