Israel canceled UN Coordinator Hastings’ visa

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Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen announced that he canceled the visa of Lynn Hastings, the United Nations (UN) Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Palestine.

“We will no longer remain silent in the face of the UN’s bias!” Cohen said on his X social media account.

Targeting Hastings, Cohen accused the Palestinian Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator of “condemning Israel” for continuing its violent attacks and ground occupation of the Gaza Strip.

“I have decided to revoke the residence visa of the UN Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator Lynn Hastings in Israel,” Cohen said.

Pointing to the attacks on Israel from Gaza, Cohen emphasized that “someone who condemns Israel instead of Hamas cannot serve in the UN and cannot enter Israel.”

In a written statement yesterday, Hastings drew attention to the fact that nowhere is safe in the Gaza Strip, which is under intense attack by Israel.

The UN Humanitarian Affairs Coordinator emphasized that Israel’s resumption of attacks after the “humanitarian pause” had “squeezed tens of thousands of people into ever-shrinking spaces in search of food, water, shelter and safe spaces.”


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