The latest in the Israel-Hamas war… Hamas strikes base linked to nuclear missile program

Israel's nuclear lie exposed! The New York Times told the world: Hamas strikes base linked to nuclear missile program

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The latest in the Israel-Hamas war... Hamas strikes base linked to nuclear missile program

Breaking news from Gaza, which Israel attacked, continues to come… The New York Times reported that Hamas struck a base linked to Israel’s nuclear missile program. The article underlined that there is a consensus that Israel has nuclear weapons, although Israel denies this. The newspaper also spoke to Hans Kristensen, Director of the Nuclear Information Project of the Federation of American Scientists. Kristensen said he estimated that the base had 25 to 50 nuclear-capable Jericho missile launchers. According to experts and declassified US government documents, Israel’s Jericho missiles are equipped to carry nuclear warheads.

Putin’s Middle East move: He will visit Saudi Arabia and the UAE

Russian President Vladimir Putin is starting his Middle East visits. Kremlin Foreign Policy Advisor Yuri Ushakov announced that Russian President Vladimir Putin will visit Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates this week.

“It is a working visit. Putin will first meet with the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia. But before that, we will visit the UAE. I hope that these meetings, which we consider extremely important, will be useful.”

The Washington Post reported this development with the headline ‘Putin to discuss Israel-Hamas war during 1-day trip to Saudi Arabia and the UAE’. The Russian leader visited the UAE and Saudi Arabia in 2019 before the coronavirus pandemic.


Iranian President Ebrahim Reisi will pay a visit to the Russian capital Moscow on Thursday. In a statement released by the Kremlin, it was reported that Reisi will meet with Putin. The two countries are expected to discuss issues such as economic and military cooperation.


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