The world’s most used search engines have been announced: The second place name may surprise you!

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The world’s most used search engines have been announced. Here is the list and details of the world’s most used search engines…

Every year, a list of the most used search engines is prepared worldwide. This list, which is based on user preferences and the number of downloads, may seem monotonous at first glance. Because the first name in the list has not changed for many years. But the race for the second place is getting hotter day by day. Especially this year, there was a very contentious competition. So which is the most used search engine in the world? Who is in second place? Here are the details on the subject…

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First place is clear, but who is second? Tight competition!

In the first place of the list, there is actually a name that is not very surprising and that many people guessed. Google Chrome. Shared with users by Google, Chrome is on the market with the claim of being the fastest among search engines. We need to state that it has not lost the first place in the list for years. That’s why other companies have been competing for second place recently.

The second place of the list is the part that will excite our followers. The race for second place this year was between Apple Safari and Microsoft Edge. Microsoft Edge and Apple Safari were neck and neck for a long time. However, with the recent problems in Microsoft Edge and users turning to Apple devices, Apple Safari has taken the second place.

Apple Safari currently has 11.87 percent of the market in the desktop browser ranking. Microsoft Edge ranked third in the list with 11 percent. The fact that the difference between them is only 0.87 percent shows us that things could change significantly in the next period. Last on the list is Internet Explorer, which can be considered a legend. Even though support has been completely cut off, there is still a 0.55 percent audience still using it.

The full ranking of the list is as follows:

Google Chrome: 66.13
Safari: 11.87
Microsoft Edge: 11
Firefox: 5.65
Opera: 3.09
Internet Explorer: 0.55

Although the Opera browser is touted as being more popular among social media, it has fallen behind Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox browsers. Opera has a 3.09 percent share. Firefox ranks 4th in the list with a market share of 5.65 percent.


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