WhatsApp group conversations get three beautiful new features

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WhatsApp brought a feature to PC!

Three different innovations were announced for WhatsApp, which remains the market leader.

The focus here was on group calls. The first of these three features for WhatsApp allows people who start a group chat to mute other people in the group.

WhatsApp group conversations get three beautiful new features

In this way, people who do not leave the chat for any situation but forget to mute can be intervened quickly remotely. This seems useful for many situations.

In addition, you can now quickly send a private message to people in the group chat. The third innovation brought by the company for this side is an indicator. As you can see in the photo above, the people participating in the group chat are now clearly displayed on the bottom section.

In this way, it seems that especially those who enter large group chats can be easily followed. The company now supports groups of 512 people. An innovation for WhatsApp has also made a sound in the past hours. As it appears in beta versions, a filter icon will soon be added next to the “Search” section in the “Chat” menu of the application.

People will be able to choose to view only unread messages from the menu that will open when they press it, so that message management can be done faster and more effectively from a single point. The feature, which was previously offered to company accounts and will soon be available to everyone, seems to be generally appreciated.


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