Storms and floods kill 117 people in Mozambique

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In Mozambique, an East African country on the Indian Ocean coast, 117 people have died since February due to storms and floods.

Mozambique Prime Minister Adriano Maleiane, in his speech in the parliament, gave information about the loss of life and damage caused by storms and floods in the country.

Maleiane announced that 117 people have lost their lives and 272 people have been negatively affected by the disaster since last month due to storms and floods.

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Noting that Hurricane Freddy also caused great damage, Maleiane emphasized that heavy rains caused floods by overflowing river beds.

Maleiane noted that 50 thousand houses were destroyed, 686 classrooms and 69 health centers became unusable, 11 thousand kilometers of roads were damaged and 73 thousand hectares of agricultural land were flooded.

Livestock were also damaged by the cyclone and floods.

According to the World Meteorological Organization, Hurricane Freddy, which is expected to affect Madagascar and Mozambique in eastern Africa for the second time, may be the longest-lasting hurricane in history.

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Authorities in Mozambique had announced that they had taken new measures by going on alert for the second time due to the hurricane, which was predicted to first affect the coastal regions and then move towards the inland regions of the country.


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