Artificial intelligence wrote part of Herzog’s speech at the cyber security conference

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Part of Israeli President Herzog’s speech at the cyber security conference was written by the ChatGPT artificial intelligence robot

Israeli President Isaac Herzog shocked high-tech experts by saying that the first part of his speech at a cyber security conference in Tel Aviv was written by artificial intelligence software.

According to Sky News, Herzog said in a video broadcast at the Cybertech Global Tel Aviv 2023 conference;

“I am truly honoured to be the president of a country that is home to such a vibrant and innovative high-tech industry. In recent years, Israel has consistently been at the forefront of technological progress and our achievements in cybersecurity, artificial intelligence and big data are truly impressive. From developing the latest cybersecurity technologies to establishing successful startups, Israeli high-tech companies have made a significant impact on the global stage.”

Herzog explained to the audience of thousands of high-tech entrepreneurs in Tel Aviv that the opening part of his speech was written by a ‘special assistant’ – the ChatGPT artificial intelligence robot from OpenAI, the company that revolutionised the world.

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Israel has a growing reputation as a cyber security and high-tech superpower.

Tel Aviv is known as a technology centre that has produced a number of startups. It is therefore not surprising that Herzog is the first person in the world to admit to using artificial intelligence to help write a speech.

Herzog’s speech is understood to have been recorded two days before Democratic Representative Jake Auchincloss read a two-paragraph speech generated by the ChatGPT AI bot in the House of Representatives, the first of its kind in the US Congress.

The rapid introduction of artificial intelligence has reignited worldwide concerns about robots taking away people’s jobs. However, Herzog emphasised in his speech that artificial intelligence will not replace humans any time soon.

In his video broadcast at the conference, which was attended by about 20,000 people, Herzog said, “Coding can never replace DNA sequencing. Hardware and software can never replace human beings,” he said.

Politicians often like to end their speeches with inspirational quotes.

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Herzog announced that he asked the ChatGPT bot to find an ‘inspirational quote’ for him.

“Let us not forget that what makes us truly special is our humanity. It is not machines that will shape our destiny, but our hearts, our minds and our determination to create a brighter tomorrow for all humanity.”



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