Curious bear found the camera, took more than 400 selfies

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An American Black Bear in Colorado took nearly 400 selfies on a wildlife camera that most animals walk right past.

Authorities in Boulder, Colorado, USA, installed cameras in the 46 thousand acre national park to observe wildlife.

The 9 motion-sensing cameras are activated when an animal passes by. The cameras take either still photos or short videos.

Most other animals pass by in search of food or a resting place. But not this bear.

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The camera must have attracted the bear’s attention because it stood in front of it for a long time, during which time the motion-sensitive camera took hundreds of photographs of the bear.

The officials who wanted to check the photos, expecting to see animals such as deer, beaver, eagle and lynx, realised that almost all of the photos were of a black bear.

“There were 580 photos, at least 400 of which were bear selfies,” the park administration said in a written statement.



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