European countries in the grip of strikes

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Strikes are continuing in the UK. Ambulance workers have once again stopped work. In Italy, gas station workers are preparing to launch a 48-hour strike. In France, this time bakers protested against rising energy costs.
In the UK, a wave of strikes organized by professional groups in rotation continues.

In a country where the health system is almost paralyzed, first aid and ambulance workers have once again stopped work.

Midwives and physiotherapists are scheduled to join the strikes in the coming days.

Strikes are expanding

Unions are also preparing for a joint strike on February 1. This strike will involve railroad workers, machinists, university employees and bus drivers.

Then the nurses will go on strike once more.

Gas station workers in Italy will stop working. Due to the strike, service at gas stations will come to a complete halt.

Transportation will be disrupted. The public is worried.

Bakers on standstill in France

In the French capital Paris, bakers protested against rising energy costs.

About a thousand bakers, holding baguettes, the traditional French bread, reacted to high energy prices and inflation.

They carried banners reading “Don’t touch my baguette” and chanted “Bakers in danger”.

The bakers marched to the Ministry of Economy and then staged a sit-in protest. Bakers demanded a price ceiling in energy.

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