Jim from The Office: My kids really think I work in an office

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John Krasinski claims that his children believe he works in an office and that when he showed them episodes of his program “The Office,” his youngest didn’t realize it was him on TV

Because of his involvement in “The Office,” John Krasinski’s children believe he works as an accountant at an office.

In an interview on “The Late Show,” Krasinski revealed to Stephen Colbert that he recently watched the pilot episode of “The Office” to his six and eight-year-old kids.

Krasinski remembered a recent incident in which one of his children said, “So, what’s the deal with this Office thing?” from his car’s rear seat

He stated that his wife, Emily Blunt, persuaded him to show the first episode of the program to the kids.

Krasinski claimed that while watching, his son asked Steve Carell’s character, Michael Scott, “what are you doing?” after he fired Jenna Fischer’s character, Pam Beesly. She then said, “you’re a horrible person,” Krasinski recalled. 

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While his eight-year-old daughter, Hazel, enjoyed the program, Krasinski’s six-year-old daughter, Violet, did not recognize him as Jim Halpert, a fictional Dunder Mifflin Paper Company employee.

“My six-year-old kept asking, ‘Is that you?’ and I answered, ‘yes, it is,'” Krasinski said to Colbert. “‘You look extremely different,’ she observed.”

Krasinski argued that he was in the program and was “simply playing a part,” but his daughter was not convinced.

He stated that she “‘That’s not you,’ I thought as I watched two more episodes. But he looks a much like you.'”

However, because “they don’t know what I do,” Krasinski claims that people now believe he works as an accountant at an office.

“I believe this because I was bringing them to school one day when this man approached and said, ‘John! Oh my gosh, it’s so fantastic to meet you from ‘The Office!’ “Krasinski explained.

“And as we continued going, she asked,’so, do you work with him?'” Krasinski stated that his daughter inquired at the time. “I said ‘no,’ and she said, ‘Why are you lying to me?'”

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Krasinski went on to explain, “no, he just said he knows you from ‘The Office.'”

He said that his children are aware of what Blunt works for a career since she “got a head start by being in ‘Mary Poppins,'” according to Krasinski.

“And I think that my kids thought that she had married me out of charity,” Krasinski admitted. “They’re like, ‘you’re so nice to marry an accountant. That’s so nice of you.'” 



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