Bloomberg: Desperate Europeans turn back to the world’s oldest fuel

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The gas crisis continues… Stunning analysis from Bloomberg: Desperate Europeans turn back to the world’s oldest fuel

Europe, which is heavily dependent on Russia for natural gas purchases, is preparing for the worst winter. A striking analysis came from Bloomberg about Europe, where many austerity measures are on the agenda.

The Energy Crisis, which started with Russia’s war against Ukraine, continues to deeply affect Europe.

Preparing for the worst winter, Europe is working on a series of precautionary plans. Within the scope of these plans, citizens are constantly urged to save money.

People, on the other hand, found the solution to turn to coal and firewood.

US-based Bloomberg reported this development with the title ‘Desperate Europeans Turn to the World’s Oldest Fuel for Heat’.

The following statements were made in the news in question;

In France, wood prices almost doubled to 600 euros per ton. Hungary went so far as to ban exports and Romania limited firewood prices for six months.’

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Underlining that there are signs of panic buying of the world’s most basic fuel in Europe, Bloomberg stated that the delivery of wood stoves could take months due to high demand.


The article also commented that ‘the energy crisis is intensifying the rise in living costs, with Eurozone inflation hitting double digits for the first time in September’.

In Switzerland, where austerity measures are being discussed, Simonetta Sommaruga, Minister of the Department of Environment, Transport, Energy and Communications, advised people to ‘shower together, not alone’.

Sommaruga’s other suggestions for saving money were to cool the refrigerator less, turn on your heaters less and use electricity more carefully.


A similar advice to that of the Swiss minister came from Germany recently.

Winfried Kretschmann, who governs the southwestern German state bordering France and Switzerland, suggested that people wipe themselves with a damp cloth instead of taking a shower.

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Kretschmann stated that he himself had resorted to this method.



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