Lukashenko, we agreed with Putin, everything is ready!

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Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, known as the closest ally of Russian President Putin, threatened Western countries by saying that some of their fighter jets are designed to carry nuclear weapons. Lukashenko’s escalating statements were widely covered in the Western media.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko openly threatened NATO and Western countries in his statements today. “The West must understand that no helicopter or airplane will save them if they choose to escalate tensions,” Lukashenko said.


Lukashenko said that he and Russian President Vladimir Putin had earlier agreed in St. Petersburg to modernize Belarusian fighter jets to be capable of carrying nuclear weapons. “During our meeting with Putin in St. Petersburg, we agreed to modernize our Su-24 fighter jets to be capable of carrying nuclear weapons. What do you think, are we just talking? Everything is ready!” Lukashenko said, adding that Belarus is ready to respond to threats from the West.


Lukashenko argued that European countries harmed themselves by siding with Ukraine in the tension between European countries and Russia and said, “We buy gas from Russia 50 percent below the prices of European countries. Germany and EU countries made a bad investment in the Ukrainian adventure. Now they will have to pay for it to the fullest. They do not have many problems and abundance anymore.”


Speaking about the war between Russia and Ukraine, Lukashenko targeted Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky and other rulers, saying, “I congratulate the Ukrainian people on their independence day. I distinguish the Ukrainian people from their rulers. The ruling elite in Ukraine are Nazis, and Ukrainians are good people. The Nazis are the ones who drink and snort on TV screens. So they are the people at the top,” he said.


Following Lukashenko’s remarks, Oleksiy Goncharenko, a deputy of the Ukrainian parliament’s Rada, posted a threatening message to Lukashenko on his social media account and said, “Alexander Lukashenko will be hung from a pole on the next Ukrainian Independence Day.”

The statements of the Belarusian leader, who is not known to have nuclear weapons, were widely covered in the Western media.


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko’s partnership with the Russian leader goes back many years. Western media claim that Lukashenko is paying for the help Putin gave him years ago.

When Russia first invaded Ukraine in 2014, Lukashenko remained remarkably neutral. Then, when Zelensky was elected President in 2019, Lukashenko extended a friendly hand and claimed he wanted to strengthen ties between the two countries. However, the two countries’ friendly ties lasted until the massive protests that erupted in Belarus in August 2020. As thousands of people took to the streets after the disputed elections in Belarus, the support Lukashenko was waiting for came from the Kremlin. Since then, Lukashenko has been one of the Russian leader’s closest allies, thanks to Putin, who quelled the protests in his country.


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