When combined, Superman’s two worst flaws are unstoppable

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Although Superman has many flaws, when two of them are combined, they form the deadliest trap that could quickly take the Man of Steel down

Even Superman has his limitations, but the combination of two of his most well-known flaws may prove deadly. Two of the Man of Steel’s Achilles heels were combined in a planned strike to create a potent anti-Superman offense.

A superhero as powerful as Superman has more than a few weaknesses, as do all superheroes. Kryptonite, which are radioactive fragments of his home planet following Kryton’s catastrophic explosion, is by far the most well-known. In addition to having a strong impact on Superman and his fellow Kryptonians, kryptonite exists in a variety of forms and hues, making exposure very risky and unexpected. Kryptonite is one of Superman’s weaknesses, though. The hero is also susceptible to magic that can render him utterly defenseless and red solar radiation that drains him of his abilities.

But which set of flaws should be used together to actually damage Superman? Action Comics #880 by Greg Rucka, James Robinson, and Julian Lopez provided the solution. Two sleeper spies working for the wicked General Zod are being watched out for by Superman’s pals Chris Kent and Thara Ak-Var, aka the present-day Nightwing and Flamebird. The two Kryptonian rogues happen to disrupt Nightwing and Flamebird’s hunt, which forces the heroes to chase them. Following their adversaries into an abandoned subway, Thara and Chris give pursue but are severely hurt by kryptonite blasts. The heroes are knocked out cold before Flamebird or Nightwing can discover out what’s going on. It turns out that Nadira and Az-Rel were actually the kryptonite-powered villains Metallo and Reactron in a disguise, courtesy of magical villain Mirabai.

When combined, Superman's two worst flaws are unstoppable 1

Granted, magic practitioners may get around Superman’s various powers by using arcane forces, which are frequently deployed in a more direct manner. But Mirabai and her fellow countrymen discovered that they do equally well in a supporting role. Since exposure to kryptonite may significantly hurt a Kryptonian, it is likely their greatest vulnerability. However, as this example demonstrates, when combined with kryptonite, magic may give enemies the additional edge to really harm someone like Superman.

The deadliness of kryptonite is unmatched in terms of absolute lethality. Depending on the species, it has the ability to kill, mutate, or fully sap a person’s power, like Superman. However, it might be challenging to outwit someone who has X-ray vision and can spot kryptonite approaching from a great distance. However, a villain may simply use magic to evade Superman’s detection by using kryptonite. Any other wicked user of magic might conceal kryptonite’s radioactivity, just as Mirabai had little trouble disguising Reactron and Metallo. Any bad guy may position themselves so that Clark Kent is nearby and then wait until it is too late for him to take any action. As a result, even if Superman may be able to overcome magic or kryptonite individually, they may potentially. So, while Superman might have a workaround for kryptonite or magic, but together, they might be the most dangerous threat he’s ever faced.

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