As analysts predict that Taiwan would “face the wrath of Beijing” if Nancy Pelosi’s visit proceeds, anti-China drills there are increasing, and Vice President Biden is attempting to defuse tensions during his phone talk with President Xi Jinping today

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  • US Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s contentious trip to Taiwan exacerbates tensions in the South China Sea
  • Furious Threats from Beijing on Pelosi’s potential travel to the US and Taiwan have been made against both countries.
  • Joe Biden and Xi Jinping will speak on the phone today to try to defuse the situation.
  • Due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Taiwan is undertaking its largest-ever drills to mimic a Chinese assault.
  • In reaction, analysts fear that Chinese warships and aircraft may conduct live-fire drills in Taiwanese seas.

As its enormous neighbor China tensely anticipates Nancy Pelosi’s potential visit to the island, Taiwan has stepped up its biggest military exercises yet.

In an effort to ease the escalating tensions between Washington and Beijing, President Joe Biden is due to speak with Chinese President Xi Jinping over the phone today.

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Beijing has recently made increasing warnings about the consequences should Pelosi’s travel to Taiwan proceed, which has increased tensions.

According to the South China Morning Post, if the trip proceeds, Taiwan would have to “face the wrath of Beijing,” which is expected to increase its military pressure on the island while Pelosi is there.

According to Chieh Chung, a senior researcher at the National Policy Foundation think tank, “possible action includes sending multiple warplanes across the median line that separates the Taiwan Strait,” noting that this occurred when former US undersecretary of state Keith Krach visited Taiwan in 2020.

He said that in order to convey a message during the visit, the People’s Liberation Army may also send warships across the median line, conduct live-fire drills close to Taiwan’s southern shore, or test-fire missiles close to the Pratas Islands in the South China Sea, which are under Taipei control.

The Taiwanese military strongholds on the islands of Quemoy, or Kinmen, and Matsu may potentially be approached by attack drones.

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However, he said, “it is less probable that the PLA will take any action close to Pelosi” since doing so may unintentionally inflame tensions with the US.

China has also threatened that if the visit proceeds, the US will “bear all consequences” and face “forceful measures,” which has sparked discussion about whether Pelosi should include the visit as part of an August trip to the Indo-Pacific that will also take her to Japan, Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia.

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