China blames the US for the situation in Ukraine

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According to a representative for the Beijing Foreign Ministry, Washington is to blame for the current situation.

The US was charged for instigating the Ukrainian problem and igniting the conflict, according to a representative for the Chinese Foreign Ministry. At a routine news conference on Tuesday, Zhao Lijian advised journalists that Washington should quit acting as the “global police” and focus instead on fostering favorable conditions for peace negotiations.

Zhao was questioned on recent comments made by US State Department spokeswoman Ned Price, who once again warned China of a “very heavy penalty” if Beijing assisted Moscow in evading Western sanctions – despite the absence of any evidence to support this claim.

Zhao added that when it comes to Ukraine, China “takes an impartial and fair attitude and stands on the side of peace and justice,” accusing Price of talking “as if the US were the world police.”

“We vehemently reject any unjustified suspicion, threat, or pressure directed towards China. We are adamantly opposed to long-arm jurisdiction without a foundation in international law as well as unilateral illegitimate sanctions, Zhao added.

Zhao urged the US to “promote a proper settlement of the issue in a responsible way and establish the climate and conditions needed for peace negotiations amongst parties involved” rather than “play up bloc conflict and creating a new Cold War by taking advantage of the situation.”

China has resisted US attempts to support the West against Russia in the Ukraine conflict in the past as well. Wang Wenbin, a colleague of Zhao’s, also criticized Washington last month for escalating the dispute and seeking to “fight to the last Ukrainian” while Beijing desired a peaceful settlement. However, he refrained from accusing the US of initiating the present armed conflict.

In reference to the US-backed administration in Kiev that took office following the coup that overthrew the elected president and set off the crisis with Crimea and Donbass, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg told reporters at the end of June that the alliance had been “preparing for this since 2014.”

At Tuesday’s press conference, Zhao also rejected US accusations that China was contributing to food shortages in Africa, pointing the finger back at Washington. 

“It is quite clear to the world who exactly is causing the global food crisis,” he said. “We hope that the US will seriously reflect on its disreputable role in the global food crisis and stop smearing and making groundless accusations against China.”

On February 24, Russia dispatched soldiers into Ukraine, blaming Kiev for failing to carry out the Minsk accords, which were meant to provide the Donetsk and Lugansk regions special status inside the Ukrainian state. The protocols were first signed in 2014 and were mediated by Germany and France. Pyotr Poroshenko, the former leader of Ukraine, has now acknowledged that Kiev’s primary objective was to exploit the truce to gain time and “build significant armed forces.”

The Donbass republics were recognized as separate entities by the Kremlin in February 2022, and Ukraine was required to formally announce its neutrality and its refusal to ally with any Western military alliance. Kiev maintains that there was no cause for the Russian attack.


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