In the midst of a legal dispute, Sylvester Stallone calls Rocky producer Irwin Winkler “remarkably untalented and parasitical.”

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In the midst of a legal dispute, Sylvester Stallone calls Rocky producer Irwin Winkler "remarkably untalented and parasitical."

In an Instagram post published on Sunday, Sylvester Stallone criticized “Rocky” producer Irwin Winkler for refusing to give up ownership of the property and demanded a “just gesture” from Winkler.

Stallone’s comment for the picture, which shows Winkler as a serpent with a knife for a mouth, describes it as “A very complimentary portrayal of the great ‘Rocky’/’Creed’ producer, Irwin Winkler, from one of the country’s best,” is posted with the picture.

“I truly would want to receive at least a portion [of] WHAT’S LEFT of my rights back, before handing it on to ONLY YOUR CHILDREN,” Stallone said. “I feel that would be a fair gesture from this 93-year-old person after Irwin dominating ‘Rocky’ for over 47 years, and now ‘Creed’.”

Winkler holds the title for the “Creed” television series, which is the sequel to the “Rocky” movies.

TheWrap has contacted Winkler’s agent for a response.

Stallone has expressed his dissatisfaction with the lack of ownership he feels for the “Rocky” franchise, which he co-created, in recent years.

“I wanted to leave something of Rocky for my children, so this is a terrible issue that gnaws at my soul, but it’s always lovely hearing from the devoted fans… Continue pounding, Stallone advised.

On Saturday, Stallone published an offensive book review along with a picture of the book cover for “The Arrangement: A Love Story,” a book written by David Winkler, the author’s son. Stallone called the book “by far the worst” he has ever read. The author is the son of “the extremely untalented and parasitical Producer of Rocky and Creed,” he said in his caption.

The sports drama series, which started with the 1976 film “Rocky,” centers on Rocky Balboa’s boxing career and features five follow-ups, all of which were written and directed by Stallone. A third film in the spinoff “Creed” franchise, starring Michael B. Jordan, is expected to be released in November 2022.


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