Gangnam Style is 10 years old: What does Korean singer Psy do now?

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It’s been 10 years since the release of Gangnam Style, which became a cultural phenomenon. Psy became a global celebrity with the song’s catchy lyrics and cartoonish dancing.

Commenting on the pressure of creating such an iconic work on the 10th anniversary of the song, Psy spoke to CNN. The singer made the following statements:

“When a song becomes a hit, your next songs have to become hits. When the singer becomes a hit, success is more sustainable.

Psy, who was already recognized in his home country when Gangnam Style came out, was one of the first South Korean singers to achieve global success and paved the way for K-Pop to become what it is today. BTS, one of today’s most popular K-Pop groups, has also spoken many times about the influence of Psy’s success on them.

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Suga, one of the members of BTS, said of Psy in a YouTube video, “He paved the way for K-Pop in the United States, and BTS was able to move forward more easily.”

Gangnam Style is 10 years old: What does Korean singer Psy do now? 1
It was the first video to hit over 1 billion views (Picture: YouTube)

Gangnam Style was released on YouTube on July 15, 2012. The clip quickly went viral, becoming the first video to surpass 1 billion views on YouTube. Within a year, the song broke three Guinness records and led to Psy performing with Madonna at Madison Square Garden in New York.

What is Psy doing now?

The 44-year-old musician has released three more albums in the last 10 years. Gentleman, his second song after Gangnam Style, has 1.4 billion views on YouTube.

Although his other songs did not have the same success, Psy founded his music label P Nation and worked with young South Korean singers. The singer, who took a 3-year break from his concert series called Summer Swag due to the pandemic, will return to the stage this year.

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Psy said that his vision in his music has not changed throughout his career: To make fun music and fun dances, to cheer up my fans.

The singer continued as follows:

‘That’s my hope,’ he added to CNN, ‘I was of the same mind 10 years ago and I think I’ll feel the same way 20 years from now as well. I’ll always be true to that.’
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