Macron and Putin’s last meeting before the war has been revealed! Remarkable statements…

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Macron and Putin's last meeting before the war has been revealed! Remarkable statements...

A phone call between French President Emmanuel Macron and Russian President Vladimir Putin 4 days before the war was recorded by Macron’s team. The details of the secret conversation will be published in a documentary about Macron. The information about the conversation before the documentary was widely covered in the foreign press today.

Macron and Putin's last meeting before the war has been revealed! Remarkable statements...

The last phone call between French President Emmanuel Macron and Russian President Vladimir Putin, which took place just 4 days before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on February 24, was revealed months later.


According to AFP, the last meeting between the leaders was filmed by Macron’s team and some moments from the crucial meeting will be used in a documentary about President Macron.

The documentary, which examines French President Macron’s handling of the Ukraine war, will be broadcast on Thursday on France 2.


The last pre-war meeting between the two leaders was marked by expressions of respect, but tensions often escalated…

On the morning of February 20, French President Macron, in one of the most frequent calls of those days to prevent Russia from launching a war in Ukraine, called Putin and told him bluntly at the beginning of the conversation, “I want you to give me your assessment of the situation and tell me your intentions directly, as you always do.”

Accusing Ukraine of violating the Minsk agreement and seeking nuclear weapons, Putin said, “What can I say, you see what is happening.”

“Our dear colleague Zelensky is doing nothing to implement the Minsk agreements. Zelensky is lying to you.”


Putin then suggested that the proposals of the separatists in eastern Ukraine should be taken into account, to which Macron replied, “We don’t care about the separatists’ proposals.”

At this point, despite the rising tensions, Macron tried to ease the tension, saying, “I will appeal to Zelensky to calm everyone down. Don’t give in to any provocations in the coming days.”

The meeting was held at a sports facility.

The meeting ends with Macron proposing to Putin a joint summit with Biden. Putin does not object to the proposal, but insistently refrains from setting a date.

The last words of the conversation, which was tense at times, were quite sincere. Macron said, “Thank you Vladimir. We will stay in touch. If anything happens, call me,” and Putin suddenly switched to French and said, “I thank you, Mr. President.”

Before hanging up the phone, Putin made a surprising statement, “Actually, I wanted to play ice hockey today. I am meeting you in the gym, I will talk to my advisors before I start physical activity.”


“I thought we could find a way with Putin in the light of trust and intellectual discussions. I couldn’t convince him, he invaded Ukraine,” Macron told the producers of the documentary.

While supporters praise Macron’s efforts to keep open channels of communication with Putin, opponents argue that the French leader’s eagerness for dialogue is being exploited by Russia. And they want the country to take a clear stance against Russia.


Macron, who has always expressed his willingness to act as a mediator, said last week that ‘Ukraine will have to negotiate’ with Russia.

According to the British Daily Mail, the French leader called on Ukraine to negotiate with Vladimir Putin to end the war.

Macron, who is in Romania, said: ‘We will do everything to stop Russia’s fighting forces, to help Ukrainians and to continue negotiating.

According to military and diplomatic sources, Macron’s statement will mean that Russia, which has seized the initiative in the war, will have a stronger seat at the table.


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