Russia blames West’s destructive measures for grain price hikes

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Russia said yesterday that the soaring grain prices that have sparked fears of a global food crisis are the result of ‘destructive’ measures taken by the West, not Moscow’s ban on exports from Ukraine.

Russia blames West's destructive measures for grain price hikes 1

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova made the following statement on Telegram:

“Experts’ scenarios about the possibility of famine are becoming more and more pessimistic. This situation is caused by the West, which is acting provocatively and destructively. The West has made ‘systematic planning mistakes’ in agricultural policy and global inflation with its ‘short-sighted’ financial and monetary mechanisms developed during the pandemic.”

Zaharova added that the price increase is also the result of an “ill-considered” policy for the energy transition by European and North American countries, especially imposing the use of biofuels.

Zaharova also pointed to the West’s ‘illegal restrictions’ following Russia’s military operation in Ukraine, which led to disruptions in Russia’s logistics and financial services, especially grain exports.


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