Germany defies the EU for fossil fuel!

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Germany defies the EU for fossil fuel!

Germany, home of many leading car manufacturers, has made an unexpected statement about the EU’s fossil fuel decision.

In recent weeks, the European Union has taken a resounding decision on the use of fossil fuels. By 2035, many countries have adopted a law that will prevent the sale of new cars with gasoline and diesel engines. However, the German government made a statement contrary to expectations by not favoring the fossil fuel decision.

Germany defies the EU for fossil fuel!

The EU’s decision aimed to direct manufacturers by banning fossil fuel vehicles to protect the environment. Germany, home of giant brands such as Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, may create a shake-up in the electric car transformation by opposing the EU’s decision.

Germany says it will not accept fossil fuel law

Economy Minister Christian Lindner announced that the EU will not adopt legislation to ban the sale of fossil fuel vehicles in 2035. This EU law aimed to reduce planetary warming emissions by 55 percent by 2030 compared to 1990. For this goal to become a reality, no new fossil fuel cars would have to be on the road.

The German government has so far not officially cast a vote, as the final negotiations on the law have not started. While MEPs in the EU Parliament have generally supported the law, Germany’s rejection of the law will lead to a rethinking of the decision. Germany has a big say as automobile production in the country is spread all over the world.

We have heard the leaders of the car brands in the country say many times that Germany will be a giant in the production of electric cars. Although they have told the press that they are not afraid of electric car conversion, the government’s decision will be a blow to the fight against global warming.

Do you think 2035 is too early for us to phase out fossil fuels?


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