Instagram is becoming TikTok: Testing a new feature!

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Popular social media app Instagram is testing a full-screen format. With the TikTok-like feature, the company will highlight videos.

Instagram is becoming TikTok: Testing a new feature!

The popular social media application TikTok has grown rapidly, especially in the face of the intense interest it has received from young people. This growth has also mobilized other social media platforms. The last step came from Instagram. To make the content on the platform more immersive and discoverable, Instagram is testing full-screen mode. Here are the details!

Instagram videos will now be full screen
Instagram’s parent company Meta took its first step in TikTok-like changes through Reels. Today, many users spend most of their time on the app watching Reels. Apart from all these, the company is preparing to switch to full-screen format like TikTok.

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta, recently shared a post on his Instagram story. In this post, he announced the full-screen format that will soon enter the testing phase. In early May, a version of this format appeared for the first time.

A Meta spokesperson pointed out that the aim with this format is to increase the weight of videos on Instagram. Before this test phase, users had to click on the video for the full-screen version. However, the full-screen format is similar to the stream on TikTok, emphasizing the video.

Looking at the post, it is seen that the posts also include the notification bar at the top. In addition, it is noteworthy that the shortcuts for creating direct messages and posts are different. Users who are part of this test will see videos almost completely full screen while scrolling through the stream. There will also be shortcuts at the bottom that allow you to like and comment on the video.

According to Meta spokesperson Seine Kim, the test is the platform’s latest effort to compete with TikTok on video. Zuckerberg said the new format is currently in testing and will soon be available to all users.

So, what do you think about the Instagram full screen step? Don’t forget to share your opinions with us in the comments section.


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