After Europe, the US has taken over the charging port of iPhones!

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After Europe, the US has taken over the charging port of iPhones!

The US will join the European Union’s decision to require iPhone models to use USB-C charging ports.

After Europe, the US has taken over the charging port of iPhones!

The European Union has approved a resolution requiring smartphone and tablet manufacturers to use the USB-C port in EU countries from 2024. Many Android devices already use USB-C, but Apple has insisted on sticking with Lightning on iPhones.

The European Union’s decision has also inspired the US. Lawmakers Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders noted the lack of a universal common charger standard in the country. In this context, they wrote a letter to US Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimond, saying that this problem should be solved by the ministry.

Will the iPhone charging port be USB-C in the US?
In fact, regardless of the EU’s decision, we can say that the USB-C port has already become a standard in the Android ecosystem. Almost all phones and tablets, except for entry-level ones, have USB-C. Apple’s iPhones, AirPods, some iPads and other accessories have Lightning.

From 2024, all devices sold in the EU, including the iPhone and all Apple products, must have USB-C. But the US does not insist as Europe does. In a letter to the Secretary of Commerce, lawmakers are not pushing for a specific USB technology, except to call for a universal common charger standard.

The letter goes on to say that the EU’s decision is a wise one in the public interest:

“In our increasingly digital society, consumers are often forced to pay for new specialized charging equipment and accessories for their different devices. This is a financial burden rather than a simple inconvenience. The average consumer owns around three cell phone chargers and around 40 percent of consumers report that on at least one occasion they have been “unable to charge their cell phone because their existing chargers were incompatible”. Innovation should benefit consumers. It should not overwhelm them with incompatible accessories and force them to buy different charging equipment for every device they own.”

If the U.S. Department of Commerce heeds the lawmakers’ call and enacts the necessary legislation, all smartphone and tablet manufacturers, including Apple, Google and Samsung, will be forced to use the same charging port on their devices. In this context, the US Government’s position will be determined in the future.


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