Samsung is closing an era in smartphone production!

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Samsung is closing an era in smartphone production!

Samsung is one of the leading companies in screen production. The new step taken by the company will be talked about a lot in the world of technology.

Samsung is closing an era in smartphone production!

In addition to launching many smartphones every year, Samsung also supplies displays for other manufacturers. To date, we have seen the use of screens produced by Samsung in many phones such as the iPhone. Samsung, which is very successful in screen production, often pleases its users by using this power in its televisions. This time, however, the company has taken a step that will be felt in the smartphone sector.

Samsung will not manufacture LCD screens
LCD screens were the most famous display technology of a period. Given the relationship between cost and performance, many manufacturers preferred LCD screens for everything from televisions to phones. Later, LED technology developed itself and divided into variants such as OLED and AMOLED, which was the reason why we did not see LCD in many devices that came out recently.

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The statement by Samsung Display announces that all work will stop for LCD screen production as of June. The company says that it wants to focus on OLED and QD screen production from now on. Already for a long time the type of screen that Samsung was most successful with was the OLED and QD types. QD technology, which is frequently used in the latest generation televisions, offers high quality that cannot be compared with LCD.

However, the fact that the profit you earn from Samsung’s LCD production is gradually decreasing is one of the main reasons. However, Samsung postponed its plans to get rid of LCD when it saw that LCD screen prices started to increase with the pandemic in 2020.

Even if we don’t see LCD very often, IPS LCD technology is still widely used. So although Samsung has stopped production, we will continue to see phones and monitors using this technology for a long time.

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