Nvidia unveils its first processor!

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Nvidia unveils its first processor!

Nvidia, which comes out more with graphics cards, focuses on artificial intelligence, cloud games and data analysis with its first processor.

Nvidia unveils its first processor!

During Computex 2022, Nvidia announced that its new processors, called the Grace CPU, will be released soon. Nvidia’s first processor focuses on complex AI, cloud gaming, and data analytics.

Nvidia is playing big with its new processors!

The upcoming Nvidia Grace CPU Superchip and Nvidia Grace Hopper Superchip will take their place in server models from the most well-known manufacturers such as Asus, Gigabyte and QCT. x86 and other Arm-based servers, as well as Nvidia’s chips, are aiming to bring much better levels of performance to data centers.

Although Nvidia is mostly known for its graphics cards, it has now stepped into the processor sector. With its new processors, the company has targeted high-performance processes from complex AI to a variety of HPC tasks and cloud gaming. Nvidia has announced that the Grace Superchip will come with two processor chips connected by Nvidia’s NVLink-C2C interconnect technology.

The combined chips will deliver up to 144 high-performance Arm V9 cores with scalable vector extensions, plus an impressive 1TB/s memory subsystem. According to Nvidia, its new design will double the memory bandwidth and energy efficiency of current-generation server processors.

Along with Nvidia Grace, the Nvidia Grace Hopper Superchip will be one of the new processors of the brand. The new processor is not a standard CPU, as the name suggests. In the Nvidia Grace Hopper, the Nvidia Grace processor and the Nvidia Hopper graphics card were combined with the help of NVLink-C2C technology.

The combination of these two systems has a positive effect on data transfer speed. According to Nvidia’s statement, the Grace Hopper is up to 15 times faster than traditional CPUs. Both processors look impressive, but the combination of Grace and Grace Hopper is designed to handle almost any task, including giant-scale AI applications.

The new Nvidia server design portfolio enables a single-motherboard system with four different configurations. These designs can be further customized to individual needs to match specific workloads. To that end, Nvidia has listed several different systems.

Developed for AI, inference and HPC, the Nvidia HGX Grace Hopper system comes with the Grace Hopper Superchip and Nvidia’s BlueField-3 data processing units (DPUs). There’s also a CPU-only alternative with the Grace CPU Superchip and BlueField-3.

Nvidia’s OVX systems are designed for digital twins and collaboration workloads. This system will come with a yet-to-be-undisclosed Grace CPU chip, BlueField-3 and Nvidia GPUs. Finally, the Nvidia CGX system is offered for cloud gaming and graphics. CGX features the Grace CPU Superchip, BlueField-3 and Nvidia’s A16 GPUs.

Nvidia’s new processor series and HPC graphics cards will be released in the first half of 2023. So what do you think about Nvidia’s new processors? Do you think it can compete with Intel and AMD? You can share your opinions with us in the comments section.


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