Samsung has given the good news for the Galaxy Watch 4: Now let Apple think!

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The expected Google Assistant support for the Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatch, which was released by Samsung last year, has arrived.

Samsung has given the good news for the Galaxy Watch 4: Now let Apple think!
Samsung used Wear OS, which it developed with Google, instead of its own software in the Galaxy Watch 4, the smartwatch it released last year. However, contrary to expectations, it did not come with a smart assistant to rival Siri on the Apple Watch. The current Bixby is not supported in all countries. However, after the intervening time, the expected Google Assistant update for the Watch 4 was announced.

Galaxy Watch 4 gets Google Assistant support!
With the update coming today, the Google Assistant era has officially started in the Galaxy Watch 4 smartwatches. Of course, Bixby is still included in the device and they will work together just like smartphone models.

The Samsung Gear S3 smartwatch model, which was released with the Tizen operating system, was run on Google’s Wear OS platform.

On the other hand, Bixby will not be much needed as Google Assistant works in almost all countries where Samsung and Google operate. Let us state that this includes our country. But that’s not all there is to the support offered.

Watch 4 Google Assistant
According to the sharing made by Samsung, thanks to Google Play support, you will now be able to install and use not only Google Assistant, but also applications such as Google Maps, Google Pay and YouTube Music on your smart watch.

In addition, let’s say that Google is preparing to introduce its own Pixel Watch model. There was even a preview at the I/O event held the other day. But its detailed features are expected to be shown in the introduction. However, it should be noted that the probability of coming to our country is quite low. Therefore, those who want to experience WearOS will have to turn to Samsung for now.

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