Suspected forgery at Steve Jobs’ NFT auction!

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Suspected forgery at Steve Jobs' NFT auction!

Steve Jobs’ job application, signed in 1973, and an accompanying NFT failed at auction. Here are the details!

Apple founder Steve Jobs has also entered this period, where the NFT craze is growing day by day. Jobs’ job application in 1973, which contributed to products such as mac and iPhone, which many prefer, went up for auction. The text, which can be purchased both physically and digitally, faced disappointment.

Steve Jobs’ job application to Atari may be bogus

RR Auctions of Boston, Mass., completed the auction of a variety of rare pieces, ranging from computers, signatures, magazines and NFT’s. This auction also included a job application form submitted by Steve Jobs to Atari. However, according to reports, this form has been removed from the auction.

Suspected forgery at Steve Jobs' NFT auction! 1

It is suspected that the application may have been a position Jobs took when he applied to repair equipment at the so-called psychiatric ward at Reed College in 1973. “Therefore, we can no longer say with certainty that this is an Atari job application,” RR Auctions said in a statement on Friday.

The products listed and remaining for sale were much more successful in achieving estimated prices. A 1976 check, co-signed by both Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, went for $163,923. At the same time, Kierulff Electronics was given a check for $3,430.00 for the Apple-I.

Suspected forgery at Steve Jobs' NFT auction!

This check now amounts to about $17,000. This means that the check sold for almost ten times its original value. Also a Macintosh, still sealed in its original box, went for $4,230. The best-selling item at auction was a computer model. This product is a model that does not have any Apple connection.


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