Flash call from Zelenski! Jet-speed response from Putin

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Zelenskiy: Russia will have to have dialogue with us to stop the war

Ukraine – The Russian war has entered its second day. As news of the conflict from the region continued to emerge, Ukrainian leader Zelenski urged Putin to ‘Sit down at the negotiating table to stop the deaths’. ‘Russia is ready for high-level negotiations,’ Putin said shortly afterwards. Here are minute-by-minute developments from the region…

Zelenskiy: Russia will have to have dialogue with us to stop the war

Yesterday, on the 2nd day of the Russia-Ukraine war, which began with russian President Putin’s order to the military, there are also reports of clashes from the region. The Ukrainian capital Kiev woke up to heavy shelling. Ukraine has announced the downing of a Russian plane in Kiev. There were panicked moments in the building where parts of the crashed plane were hit. Here are the latest developments minute by minute from the area where the news of the conflict came from…

16.00 Eu sanctions against Putin and Lavrov: It has been decided to freeze their assets.

15.53 Kremlin spokesman Peskov says ‘Russia is ready to send a delegation to Minsk for negotiations with Ukraine’.

15.47 Russian Defense Ministry: More than 200 ukrainian special units have been neutralized during the capture of Hostomel Airport.


15.33 The Russian Defense Ministry says the Ukrainian capital Kiev is besieged from the west. The statement said the airborne troops had merged with elements at gostomel air base and underlined that they had been disconnected from western Kiev.

15.00 Russian President Putin has sent a message that ‘we are ready to negotiate with Ukraine’. Putin said ‘Russia is ready for high-level negotiations’.

14.43 The Russian Defense Ministry says Russian troops are holding the Chernobyl nuclear power plant ‘to protect it from terrorists’. Chernobyl is located about 80 miles north of the capital Kiev. The area could allow invading forces to enter the capital.

14.28 Ukrainian leader Zelenski has called Russian President Putin to the ‘negotiating table’. Addressing Putin, Zelenski said, “Let’s sit at the negotiating table to stop the deaths.”

Posting a video message on his Telegram account, Zelenski urged Europeans with ‘war experience’ to fight for Ukraine.

Zelenski also underlined that the West has been slow to help Ukraine against the Russian invasion.

Ukraine’s leader, 2. He recalled the use of the phrase “never again” after World War II, “but here it is again. In 2022, 75 years after the Second World War,” he said.

Zelenskiy also said it is still not too late to stop Russia.

14:20 Former German Chancellor Merkel says she is watching the attack on Ukraine’s territorial integrity and sovereignty with great concern and strongly condemns the attack

14.00 China’s Foreign Ministry has stressed that US sanctions against Russia have never been a fundamental and effective way to solve problems.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin discussed the U.S. sanctions against Russia at a daily news conference. Wang noted that since 2011, the United States has imposed more than 100 sanctions against Russia, but said the sanctions have proven to be never a fundamental and effective way to solve problems.


13.56 Ukraine’s Defense Ministry has announced that people over the age of 60 will also be recruited.

Ukrainian Defense Minister Aleksey Reznikov said that ‘following the agreement we reached with the Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, I have decided to include people over the age of 60 whose physical and mental condition is appropriate, who will resist the enemy and defeat them’.

13.50 Kharkiv’s mayor has made an announcement, urging the public to urgently go to metro stations, bomb shelters and basements.

13:45 Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov says, “No one plans to invade Ukraine. We want the elections to be held correctly in Ukraine,” he said.

13:35 EU Council President Charles Michel says a new wave of sanctions is being prepared.

1:30 p.m.: The Ukrainian military blows up bridges near Kiev to prevent Russian troops from advancing. Ukrainian troops blew up the bridge over the Teteriv River, 30 miles from Kiev, halting a convoy of Russian tanks, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry.


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