British PRIME Minister Johnson to visit Ukraine

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British PRIME Minister Johnson to visit Ukraine

Johnson will meet with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenskiy in Kiev today, according to a statement from Number 10, the Prime Minister’s Office.

During the visit, Johnson will also announce new £88m in funding to help reduce Ukraine’s dependence on Russian energy sources.

“It is every Ukrainian’s right to determine how they are managed. As a friend and a democratic partner, Britain will continue to defend Ukraine’s sovereignty in the face of those who try to destroy Ukraine,” he said.

Johnson urged Russia to step back and engage in dialogue to find a diplomatic solution and prevent further bloodshed.

Johnson was expected to be accompanied by Foreign Secretary Liz Truss. However, Truss announced that he tested positive for Covid-19 and isolated himself at home.


Before the visit, Truss submitted to parliament a bill authorizing harsh sanctions against Russia.

Truss thus announced that if Russia committed further border violations against Ukraine, they could impose sanctions on any company doing business in sectors of strategic importance to Moscow.

Giving details about the new plan, Truss stated that “the Kremlin and all companies associated with the regime in Russia can be targeted, so that Putin’s oligarchs and Russian companies supporting the Russian state will have nowhere to run.”

Deputy Finance Minister Simon Clarke said that “we have made it clear that if Russia takes action against Ukraine, we will further tighten sanctions on the regime by targeting companies and individuals close to the Kremlin.”

Announcing Russia’s plan to overthrow the government in Ukraine and establish a regime close to it, Britain sent antitank weapons to Kiev.


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