Microsoft’s canceled operating system seen running

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Andromeda OS, the mobile operating system that Microsoft canceled years ago, was seen running on the Lumia 950 phone

One of the areas where Microsoft, which operates in many sectors from game to software to cloud computing, has not had success; mobile devices. The Lumia series smartphones, which work with the company’s Windows Phone operating system, were actually very popular for a time and had a considerable user base.

Microsoft's canceled operating system seen running 1

But Windows Phone could not compete with Android and iOS. One of the biggest reasons for this is the shortage of applications. Third-party software developers didn’t care as much about Windows Phone as Android and iOS. Almost all popular apps, including WhatsApp and Facebook, had Lumia support cut off.

Windows Phone’s successor Andromeda OS appears alive

It turned out years ago that Microsoft had not given up despite the failure of Windows Phone and developed a mobile operating system called the more advanced Andromeda OS. Andromeda OS, which works on the Windows Core platform, was said to be booted on the Surface Duo, the US company’s foldable smartphone.

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However, Microsoft shelved Andromeda OS for an unspecified reason. Until now, we’ve only seen this operating system in patent files and leaks. Windows Central ran a special version of Andromeda OS that was not developed on the Lumia 950. In this way, what the operating system will look like appeared years later.

The biggest difference of Andromeda OS from Android and iOS; allowing to insert notes directly to the lock screen. You can type on the lock screen with a touch pen without having to open any application. Moreover, the typed text does not disappear from the lock screen and still appears on the screen when the device is unlocked.

Surface Duo released with Android

Andromeda OS, which is expected to replace Windows Phone, was expected to be used on the Surface Duo. But for some unknown reason, the company chose Android over its foldable smartphone. Microsoft, which also broke tradition with the Surface Duo 2 released last year, shelved its plan to develop its own mobile operating system with Andromeda OS.

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And what do you guys think about that? Could Andromeda OS have succeeded? We look forward to your comments!


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