Can Biden resign or will he resign?

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Can Biden resign or will he resign?

Can Biden resign or will he resign?

Can Biden resign or will he resign?

US President Joe Biden’s approval rating is falling in the polls. Approval ratings are about whether incumbent Presidents are considered successful in the public eye. In presidential elections, the people elect the Vice President together with the President. That’s why his approval ratings also apply to Vice Presidents. The approval ratings of US Vice President Kamala Harris are much lower than Biden’s. I think Harris’ approval rating was under 30 percent in the last polls.

If the President of the United States dies while in office, he is replaced by the Vice President. The same is true when the president is impeached or resigned. Kamala Harris, who came from a family of Black and Native American descent, was attorney general for the State of California. Harris was elected a senator from the same state and was the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate in the 2020 election. Harris, who had already withdrawn from the nomination, supported Biden’s candidacy. Biden also chose Harris as Vice President after his candidacy was finalized. Biden and Harris won the 2020 election together.

In the USA, Vice Presidents also preside over the “American Senate”. The role of Vice Presidents in Senate activities is extremely limited. When the vote in the hundred-member Senate is 50 to 50, the Vice President of the United States may change. He keeps the balance by voting with the “Senate President” hat. It’s not a rule, but Vice Presidents are considered future Presidential candidates. Biden was also Vice President under Barack Obama. In a way, the Vice President counts as a trainee for the Presidency. Biden, 79, will turn 82 in 2024. The prevailing view is that Biden will not be a candidate in 2024.

According to rumors in the American media, there is a problem between Biden and Harris. Harris supporters thought that Biden was sharing a task that left Harris idle. The Democratic Party also crossed out Harris on the grounds that he had performed poorly. The resignations of Harris’ Senior Advisor (and Spokesperson) and Communications Director are associated with various scenarios. According to scenarios based on Biden not being a candidate in 2024, the Democratic Party is working on a new female Presidential candidate. According to these rumors, the name of Barack Obama’s wife, Michelle Obama, stands out as the future Presidential candidate.

In the event of Biden’s resignation or death, it is seen as a ‘problem’ that Harris will sit in the presidency. When Harris sits in the Presidency in this way, he will be a Presidential candidate in the 2024 elections. Rumors are that mainstream Democrats who don’t want Harris will make some moves. Accordingly, Biden will nominate Harris to a vacant seat in the “Supreme Court”, allowing him to leave the Vice Presidency. Supreme Court justices are elected for this lifetime office. The situation changes if a member wishes to retire or dies. The Left wing of the Democratic Party was calling for 83-year-old Stephen Breyer, one of the liberal (democratic) judges in the Supreme Court, to resign and be replaced by a young name. Breyer, on the other hand, looks at the calls negatively on the grounds that he is in good health. If Breyer is persuaded to retire, Biden will propose a new member.

If Biden nominates Harris to the “Supreme Court” and Harris accepts it, Michelle Obama will become Vice President of the United States. Harris was the first woman and first Black Vice President of the United States, and Michelle Obama will be the second if the scenario is realized.

The scenarios are not limited to Michelle Obama being Vice President. Biden will resign before or after the 2022 midterm elections, and Michelle Obama will sit in the Presidency. Democrats believe that this role change will benefit them in the 2022 elections. In the November election, the Democrats lost the Virginia State Governor’s election. The loss of this Democrat-run state is seen as a bad sign for the 2022 election. It is believed that Michelle Obama’s becoming Vice President and then President could change this course. On the other hand, it will be ensured that Michelle Obama will enter the 2024 elections as the Democratic presidential candidate.

These scenarios are entertaining rumors, of course, but there is no smoke without fire.


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