UK drug users’ passports to be seized

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UK drug users’ passports to be seized

In the UK, the government is preparing to bring the proposal to parliament, which includes taking away the passports of drug users, Prime Minister Johnson said that they are determined to fight drugs.

UK drug users' passports to be seized

The UK government is expected to unveil its 10-year anti-drug strategy this week.

According to media reports, under the plan, large-scale operations will be carried out to prevent the supply of Class A drugs such as heroin and cocaine to small settlements of city-based criminal gangs.

In this context, a commitment was made to break 2,000 distribution lines and make thousands of detentions in the next 3 years.
Road and rail networks of target drug gangs

Road and railway networks used by drug gangs will be targeted, and after the arrest, the police will be able to send a message to their customers on the drug dealer’s phone and ask them to stay away from drugs.
Thus, users will be given the message that the police know what is going on when they buy drugs, thereby eliminating the feeling of being hidden.

As part of the fight against drug use, the passports and driver’s licenses of those found guilty may also be confiscated.
Speaking to the Sun newspaper on the subject, Prime Minister Boris Johnson stated that the government is “absolutely determined in the fight against drugs”.

Noting that drugs are “bad for society and for children growing up in the UK”, Johnson said that by offering rehabilitation options, they wanted to break the cycle of “repeated” detaining and sending offenders to prison “repeatedly” for their involvement in drug-related crimes.

According to Home Office data, around 300,000 people in the UK are addicted to heroin, more than half of the perpetrators of theft. In murders, drug users make up almost half of the perpetrators.
The total cost of drugs to society is estimated to be around £20 billion per year.


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