The Washington Post: Russia is preparing to invade with 175,000 soldiers

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Russia is preparing to invade with 175,000 soldiers

The Washington Post: Russia is preparing to invade with 175,000 soldiers

Stunning claim! Intelligence reports: Russia is preparing to invade with 175,000 soldiers
According to the allegation in the US media, based on intelligence documents and unnamed sources, Russia is planning to invade Ukraine with 175,000 soldiers in the new year.

The Washington Post: Russia is preparing to invade with 175,000 soldiers 1

The Washington Post, citing US intelligence documents and an unnamed official, claimed that Russia plans to invade Ukraine, where 175,000 troops will be deployed in the new year.

“Russian plans include a military offensive against Ukraine in early 2022,” an unnamed Biden administration official said. said.

According to the source, an estimated 175,000 military personnel, along with armor, artillery and equipment, will participate in the alleged operation.

Some of the allegations are backed up by Russian military equipment and soldiers that have been newly dispatched to various points on the Ukrainian border over the past month.

According to intelligence documents the Washington Post claims to have reached, there are currently 50 Russian tactical groups with tanks and artillery stationed at four points not far from the Ukrainian border.

According to the official, a propaganda campaign is being conducted with no evidence presented prior to the military operation. “Russian media outlets have begun to increase content defaming Ukraine and NATO. They are trying to upload the outbreak of a possible conflict to Kiev,” he said. said.


While the US administration has stepped up its statements about the possibility of a Russian “invasion” in eastern Ukraine since last month, Foreign Minister Antony Blinken warned Moscow of “serious consequences” if such a move were made.

Russia denied the accusations, saying it had no plans to attack anyone, and accused Washington of escalating tensions.

Moscow also argued that the West was “encouraging” Kiev to use force against the self-declared republic in the Donbass, through NATO’s military buildup in Eastern Europe.

The Washington Post’s news came ahead of an online meeting next week between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart, Joe Biden.

Biden said on Friday that he will have a “long discussion” about the situation in Ukraine during the meeting and that he will not accept any “red line” imposition by Russia.

Earlier this week, Putin reiterated Russia’s view that NATO’s eastward expansion is unacceptable to Moscow. He said he wanted “legal guarantees” from the US-led bloc that Russia would stop harassing its borders and refrain from using “threatening weapons” in the region.


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