Winner of the weirdest book title contest “Is Superman circumcised?” it happened

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"Is Superman circumcised?

Winner of the weirdest book title contest “Is Superman circumcised?” it happened

Winner of the weirdest book title contest "Is Superman circumcised?" it happened

This year, 6 books competed for the Diagram Award, organized by The Bookseller magazine and found by popular vote. Health and Environmental Benefits of Camel Products, Curves for the Mathematically Curious, Hats: A Very Unnatural History, The Life Cycle of Russian Things (Life Cycle of Russian Objects), Miss, I Don’t Give a Shit (Miss, I Don’t Care) were also among the contestants.

Is Superman Circumcised? He won the award with 51 percent of the popular vote. More than 11,000 people took part in this year’s voting.

Roy Schwartz’s book examines the origins of the character created by Jewish immigrants Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster who went to the USA. Schwartz says that Superman’s origin story draws a lot from Jewish culture, history, and theology. According to the author, Kryptonian society is also based on Jewish culture.

The character created by the two Jewish writers in the 1930s reflected the many difficult struggles faced by immigrants.

Tom Tivnan, Managing Editor of The Bookseller, made the following statements regarding the result of the voting:

2019 winner The Dirt Hole and Variations and 2020 winner A Dog Pissing at the Edge of a Path: Animal Metaphors in Eastern Indonesian Society then once again we saw Diagram voters gravitate towards naughty titles.

After being awarded the award, Schwartz jokingly said:

The competition was tough, but I’m glad I was able to overcome this challenge. I am sincerely honored to receive this magnificent literary award. It’s a great reminder that even serious literature is allowed to be entertaining.

The famous award has been given out every year since 1978. A bottle of red wine is presented to the winner.

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