New mass grave found in Terhune, Libya

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New mass grave found in Terhune, Libya

New mass grave found in Terhune, Libya

New mass grave found in Terhune, Libya

Another mass grave was found in Terhune, where the Libyan army rescued the militia of Caliph Haftar, the leader of the illegitimate armed forces in the east of the country, in June.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), Lütfi Tevfik, Director of the Libyan People’s Search and Detection Agency, said they found a new mass grave in Terhune.

Noting that the teams affiliated with the institution reached 2 bodies in the new grave in the 4th area of ​​the Ed-Devayim tribe land in Terhune, Tevfik stated that the search efforts are continuing and the number of bodies may increase.

As part of the “Peace Storm” operation launched on 25 March, the Libyan army established control over all administrative borders of the capital Tripoli on June 3 and the city of Terhune on June 5.

After the rescue of Terhune, which Haftar militias used as an operation and supply center in their 14-month attacks on Tripoli, Libyan authorities reached many mass graves and corpses in and around the city.

In the statement made by the International Criminal Court (ICC) on 22 June, it was noted that reliable information was reached to the ICC Chief Prosecutor’s Office regarding the mass graves.

The pro-Haftar “Kaniyat” militias are accused of extrajudicial execution of the civilians they saw as opponents in the city and the tribes they saw as rivals when they controlled Terhune.

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