Arab League’s failure to condemn UAE-Israel agreement was mocked on social media

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Arab League's failure to condemn UAE-Israel agreement was mocked on social media

Arab League’s failure to condemn UAE-Israel agreement was mocked on social media

Arab League's failure to condemn UAE-Israel agreement was mocked on social media

Arab social media users and activists, in response to the rejection of the draft condemning normalization with Israel at the meeting of the Arab League, cynically launched a petition to “turn the union’s headquarters into a wedding hall”.

In 2002, the Arab Peace Initiative, which was accepted by the Arab League member states in Beirut, Lebanon, refused to normalize with Israel unless they accepted the independent Palestinian state with East Jerusalem as its capital on the 1967 borders. However, the Arab League, which gathered at the level of Foreign Ministers to discuss the Palestinian issue, did not condemn normalization with Israel, despite Palestine’s insistent demand, and contented itself with the declaration of adherence to international legitimate decisions.

This situation was ridiculed by Arab social media users and activists, demanding that the Arab League headquarters in Cairo, Egypt’s capital, be “turned into a wedding hall” with the goal of one million signatures that did not serve its purpose.

“It is time for the public to take full advantage of the headquarters in Cairo of the so-called Arab League, which currently does not do any business,” Palestinian blogger Mohammed Amas wrote on his Facebook account. gave his statements

Reminding with sarcastic expressions that the Arab League headquarters is located in a unique location on Tahrir Square, overlooking the Nile River, the Opera House and the Cairo Tower, Amas said, “Let this useless center be turned into a wedding hall for its full use.” He made the request.

Amas said, “Rather than embarrassing people will be happy, I have started such a public campaign to make married couples happy.” He noted that this campaign did not carry any ideological principles or party ideas.

Tens of thousands of support received for the campaign in a short time on Facebook and Twitter.

“I agree with this proposal. If the Arab League continues in its current form, it will turn into a US-Zionist University,” Palestinian female activist Yara Ahmed said on his Twitter account. gave his statements.

A Twitter user named Faris Favn also sarcastically said, “Someone give me the contact information of those responsible for the Arab League. Maybe we will make something useful there, such as a trade center, a disco, a wedding hall, or a pool. for the homeless and the poor. For more than 70 years this union has not solved any problems! ”

Facebook user named Muhammed Abdulaziz also said, “(Arab League headquarters) It is on daily rental. It is forbidden to bring children because it is full of diseases.” gave his statements.

The Arab League, established in 1945 to regulate economic, cultural, political and social relations between Arab countries, has been criticized for not being effective enough over the years. Observers note that the many decisions of the Union, of which 22 countries are members, remain on paper.

According to information from Palestinian diplomatic sources, Palestine prepared a draft resolution condemning the Israel-United Arab Emirates (UAE) agreement on September 9, prior to the Arab League meeting at the level of Foreign Ministers, but some countries rejected this draft.

“We reject the agreement between Israel and the UAE, and we want you not to accept it,” Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki said at the meeting, held by teleconference. he used the expressions.


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