One side of us was the killed George Floyd

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George Floyd is dead … More precisely, he was killed. Maybe he was not a good man. Maybe he was a criminal. If he lived, he would do a lot of evil. Maybe on the contrary, he was a good man. I don’t know, I don’t know him. There is only one painful truth I know. It is also taken away from the right to live. His skin was black, causing him to die.

Criminal police … Maybe he was a veteran who had given his profession years. Maybe he was a good family man. It was in the American movies, either of the cops who were fond of their children, had a nice Sunday breakfast, and ate a sweet donut donut overtime, which I was curious about. Maybe he was really a cruel cop. I don’t know, I don’t know him. But it is a fact that he committed a murder before the eyes of the world.

I looked at her posture while she was crushing George Floyd’s neck under the knees of the police. These are not just my own observations and accuracy. I think the police are the head of the team. He spent his years in this business. You know experienced civil servants … They blindfold some things and they trust themselves. An event they encounter is one of the events they have experienced for years. The police try to arrest the found criminal (especially if it is black, being born black is already a crime, a natural crime). Now let me write such a full. Catching people with potential crime is also not easy. Public order cannot be ensured by democratic methods. “Oh sir, we have to arrest you! These things do not happen with polite attitudes. But this also has a dosage. That policeman stands with all his experience at the neck of George Floyd. It is not the first time that he does this. Who knows how many criminals he coded like this. George Floyd was one of them. It was also black. This confident, knowledgeable attitude; The blackness of the criminal he caught strengthened even more. He even posed with one hand in his pocket, against the warnings of those around him. “You don’t know, I know my job. Is it black? To hell with all of them! He responded to the reactions with his stance. But there was something he did not know. This movement will cost a person’s life… He pays and pays the bill for this by taking the reaction of the whole world.

Socially, reactions should be given against this racist murder. I hope it won’t happen again.

But what I want to draw attention to is the individual psychological dimension of this work. To defend George Floyd, he doesn’t have to be a good man, and the police don’t have to be too bad. If there is a racist murder, it must already be punished. Each event divides our minds into two and makes very distinctive distinctions as good-bad, black-white, right-wrong, and prevents the correct evaluation of events, and actually finds a way forward. Let’s face it, as a human, racism exists in all of us. We are like this … We are excluding the one who is not like ourselves, we are trying to destroy the one who does not come to our own benefit. What we have to do is to prevent this brutality from taking over us. Some people are unable to prevent this, as in this George Floyd example, and cause indescribable pain. If we evolve this situation in a good way and we can deal with it, we will analyze it. Thus, there is no such problem as racism. Everything is a chain. Of course, racism does not only consist of psychological dimension, but political, ideological and economic dimensions are also effective. But I am talking about the first solution to manage the brutality within ourselves and our children correctly.

Now, when he tells of this, he stays in the air. I will talk about my own experiences. The fact that immigrants escape from the war and stay in our country is a situation that I consider as the upper self. I support them. We could have been in their condition, people wouldn’t leave their hometown, I think. Come on, when you face some troubles in the current life, the wild creature in my subconscious constantly nudges me. I get frustrated when I cannot find a place in the crowd of immigrants on the bus or wait in the market place in the bazaar. Especially when you think of the money spent on this business, there is no trace of that loving, understanding and very democratic state. Then I tell my subconscious not to be selfish, if it wants a good world, shut up. Even if it doesn’t come from me, I have a place for a migrant person, and I make minor aids. I fight my own ego that I will fight them. Also, everything I give to other people turns into a beautiful energy. So I am the winner, the happy one.


There was a movie called “Experiment”. That movie showed me that he always carried a bully in man. In the movie, it is understood to experiment with a group of people. According to this experiment, a human psychology research will be conducted in a prison. Some will be guilty and some will be in prison administration. The prison director is chosen as a very humane, very religious and understanding person especially in his real life. The subjects are so immersed in this experiment that they forget their real personality over time and take on their role in the experiment. They are losing their own reality. The most striking thing is that the prison director changed completely with the power and authority given to him. That insightful, tolerant, benevolent man turns into a cruel tyrant who makes unbelievable tortures to prisoners. I was struck by watching this movie. It hit our face with terrifying scenes they could have. So no one should say that my salt is dry. Now it’s easy to shake it to America from here. Wow sir, you see, they still don’t want blacks. We treat the immigrants who fled the war very well. Or for years we seem to have embraced people of other races or sects.
Maybe that police officer who killed us,  one side of us was the killed George Floyd…


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