Shiva Kaviani, an Iranian academic who lived at Istanbul Airport for two months

Iranian academic Dr. Shiva Kaviani has been living at Istanbul Airport for 2 months, waiting for a visa to Canada. After the news about her, she was taken to Silivri Repatriation Center to be sent back to Iran, a country she does not want to return to. Kaviani, who has been in academia for 40 years, is a philosopher who, according to his CV, speaks four languages, has worked at universities in Canada, Germany and the USA, and has 35 books and 59 articles. At some point, he turned into a healer and a dancer shaman. In 2014, when he visited Adana, he coincidentally attended an MHP event and made the bozkurt sign. The former head of the women's branches of the MHP in Adana, with whom she posed for a photo, told Serbestiyet: "She introduced herself as a shaman doing research on Turkish culture." So who really is Shiva Kaviani?

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Iranian Shiva Kaviani, whose visa application was rejected in Canada because her residence period had expired and who had to live at Istanbul Airport for nearly two months, was sent to the Repatriation Center in Silivri by the airport police.

Shiva Kaviani, who had been living in Toronto, Canada for a while and whose residency period had expired, returned to his country Iran and applied for a visa to return to Canada.

Unable to go to Canada because his visa application was rejected and unwilling to return to Iran, Kaviani lived at Istanbul Airport for nearly two months.

This forced stay, which lasted with the tolerance of airport officials, ended with the news.

Kaviani, who made news with the footage of him begging journalists not to film me, suddenly became the center of attention.

And the legal process was applied, he was taken to the Removal Center in Silivri.

Shiva Kaviani, an Iranian academic who lived at Istanbul Airport for two months

And who is Shiva Kaviani?

Although the exact date of his birth is unclear, he was born in Iran in the 1950s.

According to his CV on his website, he studied languages at the American Language Institute in the city of Khorramshahr in 1969.

Iran, where he was born, was still America’s closest ally in the region under the Shah’s regime.

Between 1974 and 1977, he studied History and Sociology at the Pahlavi University in Shiraz, which was affiliated with the University of Pennsylvania.

In 1981-1983, he completed his Master’s Degree in Library and Information Sciences at the University of Tehran.

In 1985, he went to Germany and earned a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Tubingen.

His thesis advisor was Rüdiger Bubner.

In 1978-1979, before the Iranian revolution, he worked in the Department of History at the Free University in Tehran.

From 1981 to 1983 he was Director of Rural Libraries at the National Library in Tehran.

According to his CV, he left Iran in the early 80s when the revolution started to harden.

In 1987, he was a visiting researcher at McGill University in Canada.

Meanwhile, in Paris, he worked with Nobel laureate Professor Klybansky.

In 1990, he was a visiting professor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Washington.

After 1991, he also worked for a while at the United Nations Human Rights Department.

And what subjects did Dr. Kaviani study?

According to his CV, he has given seminars on philosophy all over the world:

“A debate between Spinoza and Nietzsche: Thinking History” University of Marburg, Germany

“The Lost Decade and the Lost Man; A New Light in the New Dark Ages of Postmodern Times!” Seoul University, South Korea

“Physics and Metaphysics in Ancient Iranian Thought and Zoroastrianism” Sorbonne University, Paris, France

“Music and Philosophy” Yale University, USA

“Aesthetics: Theory and workshop on different arts” House of Artists, Tehran, Iran

“Aesthetics in Poetry, Philosophy and Music” Harvard University, USA

“Intelligentsia in the West and Iran” Towson University, Towson, Maryland, USA

“Physics as the Beautiful Dimension of Nature in Nietzsche’s Philosophy” Schulpforta, Türingen, Germany”

According to his CV, Shiva Kaviani has published and unpublished nearly 40 books and 59 articles:

“Continuous Creation in Iranian Mysticism and Zen-Buddhism; The Concept of Change-Motion in Greek and Iranian Philosophy

Art and Beauty: Aesthetic Meditations and Gazes

Nietzsche: The Third Copernican Revolution

Modernity and Modernization in Japan and Iran; A Comparative Study

Time: Eternal Mystery and Philosophy

Ibn Arabi: Worldview, Works and Life

The Art of Archery and Zen.

Love and Separation; joy and sadness in Persian and Jewish mysticism

Eye: To look and think beautifully

The Logical Paradox; The Middle Ages: Dark Ages and Enlightenment” A Monograph and Dialogue with Professor Andreas Speer”

It is possible to find recordings of some of them on the internet:

Shiva Kaviani, an Iranian academic who lived at Istanbul Airport for two months 1

Judging from his writings, Kaviani’s life had a break at some point and he switched from philosophy to mysticism and healing.

She started giving dance and music lessons that teach mind-body harmony. She worked on alternative medicine.

He consulted for a Canadian film called “The Dance of Life”.

In 2014, he even traveled to Adana.

Kaviani is seen eating aşure and squema and making a bozkurt sign with MHP women’s branch members at an event she coincidentally attended in Adana in October 2014.

Shiva Kaviani, an Iranian academic who lived at Istanbul Airport for two months 2

In 2014, he was reported in Milliyet newspaper as “Dutch”:


On the other hand, Shiva Kaviani, who came to Adana for a special invitation and then went to Karaisalı district, attended the ashura event organized by Karaisalı Municipality in Atatürk Park. Kaviani, who had a conversation in English with Karaisalı District Governor Mehmet Tunç, said that he liked the ashura and squeeze offered to him very much.

MHP Adana Women’s Branch Chair Ayla Gül Emrahoğlu, who came to the district due to the relocation of MHP Karaisalı Women’s Branch to its new location, invited Dutch guest Shiva Kaviani to her party for lunch. Dr. Kaviani, who spoke Azerbaijani and had lunch with MHP women, was given a Turkish flag badge by Karaisalı Mayor Saadettin Aslan. Dr. Kaviani made the grizzly wolf and peace signs and thanked Mayor Aslan.”

Ayla Gül Emrahoğlu, who was the head of MHP Adana Women’s Branch in those years, told Serbestiyet about that day:

“I was the chairperson of the MHP Provincial Women’s Branch at the time. We met a lady at a aşure event in Karaisalı district. She was a person who said she was a shaman researching Turkish culture, she spoke very little Turkish. I don’t know whose invitation she came there.”

Kaviani uses his social media account to post status updates, sharing his email account and the availability of free classes.

She says she works in many different fields such as dance, healing, body-mind harmony, beauty, hair care, cosmetics.

Shiva Kaviani, an Iranian academic who lived at Istanbul Airport for two months 3

So, is Shiva Kaviani, shaman, dancer, healer, doctor of philosophy, a political criminal in Iran?

It is known that he does not want to return to his home country Iran. Some sources claim that Kaviani is banned.

Shiva Kaviani, an Iranian academic who lived at Istanbul Airport for two months 4


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