Canada: We monitored and interfered with China’s surveillance activities

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Canada: We monitored and interfered with China's surveillance activities

Canada recently announced that Chinese surveillance activities in the air and maritime zones in the north of the country have been monitored and blocked.

According to Canadian state television CBC, Canadian Defence Ministry spokesperson Daniel Le Bouthillier said that they are “fully aware of China’s recent efforts to conduct surveillance operations in Canadian air and sea space”.

Le Bouthillier stated that the Canadian military has been tracking and blocking attempts to spy on Canadian territory since 2022 as part of the operation called LIMPID, adding, “We cannot provide further information at this time to ensure the integrity of the operations.”

Canadian Foreign Minister Melanie Joly also stated in an interview with CNN television yesterday that “China is becoming an increasingly destructive power.”

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Emphasising that they will act together with the US to protect North American airspace and that they will take a strong stance on protecting the sovereignty of the Arctic as reports of foreign interference in Canada emerge, Joly said, “When it comes to China, we will stand up to China when necessary and cooperate with China when necessary.”

The news that the Canadian military discovered China’s surveillance activities came after Canadian intelligence alleged that China was trying to interfere in the 2021 elections in this country.

According to the news published in Canada’s “Globe and Mail” newspaper, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service found that China made different attempts for the re-election of the liberals led by current Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the defeat of conservative politicians who oppose China.

In the news report, it was claimed that China interfered in the elections by making cash donations to the candidates it wanted to be elected, spreading disinformation and using consulates and paid students to help some liberal candidates.

Prime Minister Trudeau, in a statement on the subject yesterday, described China’s alleged election interference as an “extraordinarily serious problem” and said he supported a new investigation into these allegations.

Chinese “spy bubble” in the US and Canada

Unidentified objects were shot down in US and Canadian airspace

The US military shot down a Chinese high-altitude balloon, which it had previously detected over Montana, off the coast of South Carolina on 4 February. The Pentagon shot down an unidentified object over Alaska on 10 February.

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau announced on 11 February that they shot down the object over the Yukon region of his country in cooperation with the USA. On 12 February, the US military shot down an unidentified object flying over Lake Huron on the Canadian border.

US President Joe Biden announced on 16 February that there was no evidence that the three flying objects detected and shot down in US airspace were related to the intelligence activities of China or another country.



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