UK Foreign Secretary: We call on Israel not to escalate tensions

British Foreign Secretary David Cameron called on Israel to de-escalate tensions, arguing that Israel should accept Iran's "failed attacks" as a victory.

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UK Foreign Secretary: We call on Israel not to escalate tensions

David Cameron participated in the broadcasts of Britain’s Sky News and ITV televisions and answered questions on the agenda.

Commenting on Iran’s attacks on Israel on Sky News, Cameron said, “If you’re in Israel you would rightly think that you have every right to respond and they do, but we are calling on them not to escalate.”

Noting that the attacks marked two different defeats for Iran, Cameron said that Iran’s attacks had both failed and that the world had seen that Iran was the aggressor.

Cameron said he hoped Israel would not retaliate and said attention should be refocused on Hamas.

Defending that Israel should accept Iran’s “failed attacks” as a victory, Cameron said, “I understand those who expect more from Israel, but it is time to act with both logic and heart, to act wisely and strongly.”

“Netanyahu’s failure to allow aid into Gaza was a big mistake”

Responding to the question “Does Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netenyahu have sound judgment?”, Cameron said, “He has sound judgment on many issues, but we have sharp differences of opinion on some issues.”

When asked by host Kay Burley, “On what issues was his judgment poor?” Cameron replied, “It was a big mistake not to allow aid into Gaza. We have made it clear to the Israelis that we want to open up more border crossings. Aid workers need to make sure that there is a real de-escalation for their work in Gaza so that terrible things like the killing of the World Central Kitchen staff don’t happen again.”

On the question of whether Israel’s strike on Iran’s consulate building in Damascus was also the wrong decision, Cameron said, “I can understand Israel’s concern about the terrible things the Iranian Revolutionary Guards have done all over the world, including in support of Hamas, which is responsible for October 7, when it all started.”

Asked by Burley, “What do you think about Iran’s concern that its sovereign territory has been attacked?” Cameron said that Iran’s response to the attack on its consulate in Damascus was disproportionate.

Stating that an attack with hundreds of missiles and drones could take thousands of lives, Cameron said that if a British consulate was attacked, they would respond strongly.


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