Oxfam: Britain risks complicity in war crimes as long as it sells arms to Israel

The international aid organisation Oxfam has warned that the UK government risks complicity in war crimes if it allows arms sales to Israel.

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Oxfam: Britain risks complicity in war crimes as long as it sells arms to Israel

“The UK government’s continued refusal to halt arms sales to Israel is both inconsistent with decisions taken during past attacks on Gaza and opens the door to complicity in war crimes,” Oxfam said in a statement.

A group of journalists, including a TRT Arabic crew, were injured in Israel’s attack on GazaSwiss jurist Currat said it was “Israel’s responsibility” to comply with the ICJ ruling

The statement said that despite the deaths of over 33,000 people in Israel’s attacks on Gaza, the British Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary rejected calls to halt arms sales to that country.

It was reminded in the statement that the British government received various guarantees from Israel regarding the use of the weapons it sold, “However, Israel has violated these guarantees every time, and the British government has preferred not to set any conditions instead of demanding the implementation of these conditions.”

In a statement on the issue, Oxfam official Aleema Shivji described the UK’s continued arms sales to Israel as “illegal and immoral”.

“The people of Gaza are suffering unprecedented levels of casualties, schools and hospitals are being deliberately targeted, starvation is being used as a weapon of war, and British-made weapons are being openly used in violation of international humanitarian law. What further suffering do they have to go through before the UK takes action? The UK must immediately stop arms sales, including spare parts, or risk becoming an accomplice to war crimes.”


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