Rare security measures for Biden’s election campaign: 20 sand-filled trucks deployed

In New York, rare security measures were taken for US President Joe Biden's election campaign with former Democratic presidents Barack Obama and Bill Clinton.

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Rare security measures for Biden's election campaign: 20 sand-filled trucks deployed

While the surrounding streets were closed to traffic for the fundraiser that Biden will attend at the famous show center Radio Citty Music Hall in midtown Manhattan, 20 sand-filled trucks were deployed by the New York Police Department (NYPD) around the building where the event will be held.

It was stated that US President Biden will attend the event together with Obama and Clinton, and many celebrities such as First Lady Jill Biden, Queen Latifah, Actor Mindy Kaling, Ben Platt, Lea Michele and Cynthia Erivo will also take part.

In a statement made by an official from the Democratic Party to the US media, it was reported that the campaign event, which will be attended by about 5 thousand people, aims to raise 25 million dollars for Biden, who will run for the second time from the Democratic Party in the 2024 presidential elections.

Biden'ın seçim kampanyası için ender görülen güvenlik önlemleri: 20 kum dolu kamyon konuşlandırıldı

To attend the campaign night, where the cheapest ticket sells for 250 dollars, wealthy donors will pay 100 thousand dollars to be in the same photo frame with Biden, Clinton and Obama, 250 thousand dollars to attend a private reception with Biden and 500 thousand dollars for the right to be interviewed.

As of February, Biden had raised $155 million in cash donations for the November presidential election, while Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has only raised $37 million.

Biden arrives in New York with Obama

Biden'ın seçim kampanyası için ender görülen güvenlik önlemleri: 20 kum dolu kamyon konuşlandırıldı

In the framework of the 2024 US presidential race, US President Biden’s private plane Air Force One, which organized a major fundraising campaign in New York during the voting for the primary election in New York, landed at John F. Kennedy International Airport and Biden was seen descending the stairs with former Democratic President Barack Obama.

Another former US President, Bill Clinton, will meet Biden hours later at the event at Radio City Music Hall to show his support.

Some civil society organizations, who learned about Biden’s visit during the primary elections in New York, announced days in advance that they would organize a protest at the venue to criticize the President’s Israel policy.

In addition, in response to Israel’s bombing of civilians in Gaza and the lack of US support for a ceasefire in the region, many Democratic Party civic activists are urging New Yorkers to vote absentee in the primaries.

On the other hand, former US President Trump is expected to attend the funeral of a police officer who lost his life in Queens, New York this evening.

New York traffic, which will host 4 US presidents on the same night, is expected to be seriously congested in the following hours.


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