Biden gives Israel full support against Iran ‘threat’

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US President Joe Biden has pledged to continue to provide “unwavering” support to Tel Aviv in the face of Iranian threats to attack Israel.

US President Joe Biden discussed the agenda in a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio at the White House.

Biden stated that they discussed the developments in the Middle East during their meeting with Mishida and in this context, they made evaluations regarding both the crisis in Gaza and Iran.

“We also discussed the serious threat of Iranian aggression against Israel. As I told Prime Minister (Binyamin) Netanyahu, our security commitment to Israel in the face of threats from Iran and its proxies in the region is unwavering. I repeat, unwavering.” Biden emphasized that they will do everything to ensure Israel’s security.

Netanyahu warns “more aid must enter Gaza”

Biden said that in his last meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, they discussed the crisis in Gaza comprehensively and that he clearly expressed his concerns about this issue to him.

The US President said that the increase in humanitarian aid to Gaza in recent days is not enough and that he asked the Netanyahu administration to allow more aid to enter.

Biden noted that he also raised the issue of reducing civilian casualties and conveyed his discomfort on this issue to Netanyahu.

“Hamas has been presented with (a draft ceasefire agreement) and they need to consider our proposal and move forward. The hostages need to return to their homes where they belong, and we need a 6-week ceasefire now,” Biden said, adding that they are closely monitoring humanitarian aid efforts to prevent the escalation of the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and that this is closely related to the ceasefire agreement.


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