US and Iran’s pornographic diplomacy through Whitney Wright!

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US and Iran's pornographic diplomacy through Whitney Wright!

In Iran’s parliamentary elections, which were boycotted by the bulk of moderate and reformist figures, 25 million out of 61 million voters cast votes, with turnout at a record low 41 percent; radicals gained the majority of seats.

This means that, for the time being, the Velayati Faqih regime retains its power. In order to survive, the Tehran regime, like its counterpart, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, is carrying out activities that are incompatible with the Islam to which it professes to belong, even to the point of Machiavellianism, which considers everything permissible.

The “Vision 2030” reforms of Riyadh, the Sunni/Wahhabi reflection of Shiite Tehran, continue to surprise people. For the first time in the country’s history, a representative was sent to a beauty pageant.

US and Iran's pornographic diplomacy through Whitney Wright! 1
Rumy al-Qahtani

Saudi model Rumy al-Qahtani competed for her country in the Miss & Mrs Global Asian beauty pageant in Malaysia. In addition, with a new regulation in Saudi Arabia, the sale of alcohol to foreign diplomats in the country has started to be allowed.

Iran introduced a new type of diplomacy ****graphy to the literature!…US and Iran's pornographic diplomacy through Whitney Wright! 2

In general terms, international political and legal communication is called diplomacy. Diplomacy is seen as the main tool of foreign policy and global governance, and international agreements, treaties, conventions, alliances and international relations are often the result of diplomatic negotiations and processes, as well as the set of treaties that regulate international relations.

In short, diplomacy is the work and art of representing one’s country in a foreign country and in international meetings. There are so many types of diplomacy that you would be surprised:

  • Caviar diplomacy
  • Checkbook diplomacy
  • Coercive diplomacy
  • Commercial diplomacy
  • Cultural diplomacy
  • Culinary diplomacy
  • Defense diplomacy
  • Debt trap diplomacy
  • Digital diplomacy
  • Dollar diplomacy
  • Economic diplomacy
  • Energy diplomacy
  • Free diplomacy
  • Full diplomacy
  • Guerrilla diplomacy
  • Gambot diplomacy
  • Hostage diplomacy
  • Medical diplomacy
  • New diplomacy
  • Panda diplomacy
  • Paradiplomacy
  • Parley
  • Hajj diplomacy
  • Ping-pong diplomacy
  • Preventive diplomacy
  • Public diplomacy
  • Science diplomacy
  • Shuttle diplomacy
  • Stadium diplomacy
  • Track II diplomacy
  • Twitter diplomacy
  • Facebook diplomacy

American **** actress Whitney Wright’s trip to Iran also introduced a new form of diplomacy: pornographic diplomacy!

US and Iran's pornographic diplomacy through Whitney Wright!

American **** star Whitney Wright, 32, from Oklahoma, angered Iranian dissidents when she traveled to Iran and posted on her social media accounts photos of herself in various locations, including the Gulistan Palace and the former American Embassy in Tehran, which has been converted into an anti-American museum. That’s one thing, but the real issue is the diplomatic liaison between the US and Iran over the well-orchestrated trip of a **** movie star.

Note the word “fictionalized”.


The most important reason for this opinion is the fact that the photos of American **** actress Whitney Wright’s trip to Iran and her photos of her wearing a headscarf have so far been published in media outlets such as Associated Press, The Guardian, The Jerusalem Post, Al Jazeera, The Times of Israel, The Telegraph and Fox News.

Since diplomacy is the work and art of representing one’s country in a foreign country and in international meetings, and since the practitioners of diplomacy are called diplomats, the name the United States deems worthy of Iran for this job is **** star Whitney Wright.

Don’t you think it’s interesting?

US and Iran's pornographic diplomacy through Whitney Wright!

The real name of this new generation of post-modern US diplomats is Brittni Rayne Whittington. Her nickname is Whitney. Height; 1.68 m Whitney Wright, USA was born September 20, 1991 in Oklahoma and is 33 years old. Brittni can be seen at 19301 Coker Rd Shawnee, Ok 74801. She is registered to vote in Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma. She is affiliated with the Democratic Party.

Her sister Elisabeth Brooke is two years younger than Whittington Brittni and is 31 years old. Elizabeth is listed as residing at 19301 Coker Rd, Shawnee, OK. Also living at this address are Brandi Patrice Parsons, 52, and Shawn Keith Parsons, 51.

Probably the Parsons couple, their parents. The family is probably connected to Jeffrey Edward Epstein, the American capitalist financier and pedophile convicted pedophile who was silenced by pretending he committed suicide in prison. Brittni Rayne Whittington has a different name in the **** industry. Her porn industry banner name is Whitney Wright.

Which politician did Whitney Wright meet in Turkey, whose guest was he, whose table did he sit at, whose yacht did he board?


Wright is also an Anglicized version of the Scottish Gaelic clan name “MacIntyre” or “Macant-Saoir”, meaning “son of the master / son of the carpenter”.

She was born into a family of Indian and Welsh descent. She has a surprisingly Middle Eastern face. She studied nursing and pharmacy technician before entering the porn industry. She worked as a stripper in Oklahoma City, New York, Texas and Miami.

From Where to Where?

US and Iran's pornographic diplomacy through Whitney Wright! 3

But wait, here’s where it gets complicated. With a few letter changes, Whittni C. Wright, born in 1987 in Atlanta, Georgia, becomes the same. Wright’s first movie appearance on the big screen was in 1994’s I’ll Do Everything. In the movie, she played the role of actor Nick Nolte’s spoiled daughter.

US and Iran's pornographic diplomacy through Whitney Wright! 4

Wright played Jean-Claude Van Damme’s daughter in 1995’s Sudden Death… She was nominated for Best Performance by an Actress Under Ten in a Motion Picture at the 16th Youth Film Awards.

Whitney Wright has been working as an **** actress since 2016 and a **** director since 2019. At the 2021 AVN Awards, she was honored in the Best Group Sex Scene category and Best Quarantine Sex Scene category. As an actor, he has made more than 760 films. He has also visited Turkey.

Whitney Wright, a prisoner swap before going to Iran

In September 2023, Iran and the United States completed a prisoner swap that had been years in the making. Five Iranian prisoners held on charges of breaking US sanctions against Iran were exchanged for five US citizens held on espionage charges that Washington called “fabricated”.

The US-Iranian dual citizens include businessmen Siamak Namazi (51) and Emad Shargi (58) and environmentalist Morad Tahbaz (67), who holds British citizenship. The US had paid Iran $6 billion (£4.8 billion) in exchange for the release of a British citizen and four Americans held in Iran.

How did Whitney Wright get to Iran, and who authorized it?

They’re the same person. Don’t get confused. Whitney Wright/Whitney White is today a US citizen undercover diplomat who managed to obtain a visa from the authorities of the Islamic Republic of Iran to enter the country. But Iranian officials say they know nothing about the “obscene” nature of the American’s profession. Tehran explains that the American received a visa like any other foreign visitor. According to them, he is a tourist, nothing more, nothing less. The authorities of the Islamic Republic were not aware of his “obscene” profession. Eat your heart out!

When asked about Wright’s visit, Nasser Kanani, spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran, denied any knowledge of the visit and emphasized that despite the tensions between Iran and Washington, Americans are not “prohibited” from visiting Iran.

However, the spokesperson noted that despite political tensions, Americans are “not banned” from visiting Iran; the people who issued Whitney Wright’s Iranian visa “had no knowledge of the nature of her immoral and obscene activities.”

US **** actress Whitney Wright was also known for her posts defending the Palestinians during the Israel-Hamas war in the past.

What a contradiction, Agha Khamenei!…

The government continues to crack down on Iranian women under the pretext of violating the mandatory headscarf law, while allowing the entry of foreign ****graphic actresses. It even imposes the death penalty on those involved in the creation or distribution of ****graphic content.

Whitney Wright, known for her harsh criticism of Israel, appears veiled in accordance with the dress code imposed on women in Iran, the subject of a massive protest movement in the country in 2022 following the death of young Mahsa. He allowed the **** actress to enter, saying the approval was given because Wright is a supporter of the “Palestinian cause”. US citizens also need a visa to visit the country, and it is not yet clear how the **** star obtained the visa in exchange for what.

The porn star posed in front of the American Embassy in Tehran, which has been closed since the end of diplomatic relations between the US and Iran in 1980, notably next to a torn American flag on the ground.

US and Iran's pornographic diplomacy through Whitney Wright! 5

Some of his followers questioned how a **** star was allowed to get a visa in a country where ****graphy is punishable by death.

In a country that tramples on women’s rights, Iranian critics have criticized the government’s decision to grant a tourist visa to Whitney Wright, who has come to prominence in recent weeks for her outspoken advocacy of the Palestinian cause, insisting that “American **** star Whitney Wright was invited to Tehran to promote the Islamic Republic.”

It’s not the first time!..

In the past, people close to the Iranian government have openly supported the anti-Israel stance of Lebanese **** star Mia Khalifa.

Wright has previously used social media to criticize Israel’s ongoing siege of Gaza.

US and Iran's pornographic diplomacy through Whitney Wright! 6

In 2016, British artist Candy Charms’ trip to Iran to have plastic surgery on her nose caused outrage and faced heavy reactions on the internet. “I love Tehran, people are so kind and generous, they were really impressed by the whole trip, people are wonderful,” she wrote on her social media, ignoring the reactions.

Someone must have pressed the buttons in Tehran and Jeddah by remote control. Both countries are giving and receiving messages through women’s bodies. We will see together whether these Muslims (!) will become men or not?

Iran is said to be trying to show some kind of tolerance to its domestic and foreign public. In recent weeks, there has even been talk of a possible return of Moein, a popular Iranian singer based in Los Angeles, to his homeland.

Was the only reason the Iranian government gave a tourist visa to an American **** star was because he said he was anti-Israeli, pro-Palestinian during the terrible war in Gaza?

What subliminal messages did he convey to Tehran? Which official did he spend quality time with?

Come on, National Intelligence Organization, give us a hand on this?

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