Trump’s only serious challenger, Republican nominee Haley to drop out of primary

US media reported that Republican candidate Nikki Haley, seen as former President Donald Trump's only serious rival in the presidential race, will withdraw from the primaries.

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In the US media reports, it was stated that Haley will withdraw from the presidential race after winning only the primary in the state of Vermont against her rival Trump in the primaries known as “Super Tuesday” held in 15 states.

Haley, the former Governor of South Carolina, is expected to make a speech announcing her withdrawal from the nomination during the day, but is not expected to make a statement of support for Trump.

According to the unofficial results of the primary elections in the state of Vermont, Haley, who received around 50 percent of the vote, won her first success last night against Trump, who received 45 percent of the vote.

Starting on January 15th in Iowa, the primaries, in which Democratic and Republican Party candidates compete for the presidential nomination within their respective parties, will end on June 8th.

Then, on July 15-18 at the Republican Party’s party convention in Milwaukee and on August 19-22 at the Democratic Party’s party convention in Chicago, the parties’ presidential candidates will be officially nominated and announced with the votes of the delegates elected in the primaries.


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