Statement from the White House on Biden’s health status: Will he run again?

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The White House released a report on US President Biden‘s current state of health, saying there is nothing preventing him from performing his duties. Biden’s doctor gave the opinion that the president is a “healthy, active, strong man”.

In a written statement made by White House Spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre, the content of the report, which was approved by US President Joe Biden’s doctor and stated that he was in good condition, was included.

Biden’s doctor Kevin O’Connor’s report on the 81-year-old President’s annual examination said there were “no new concerns” about his health.

O’Connor’s report said, “The President is feeling well and this year’s physical examination revealed no new concerns. He is fully fulfilling all of his responsibilities without any exemptions or accommodations.”


“President Biden is a healthy, active, strong 81-year-old man. He is in good shape to successfully fulfill the duties of the presidency, including chief executive, head of state and commander-in-chief.”

In the report, which includes all kinds of detailed information from Biden’s heart rhythm to cholesterol values, it was stated that the US President’s sleep apnea condition remained stable.

The information about Joe Biden’s health status came at a time when discussions about his health and age continued before the presidential elections to be held in November.

In an ABC News/Ipsos poll conducted on February 9-10, 86 percent of respondents said Biden, 81, was “too old” to serve a second term as president.


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