Quran Burning in Chechnya: Nikita Zhuravel’s Prison Sentence…

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Quran Burning in Chechnya: Nikita Zhuravel's Prison Sentence...

Last year, a 20-year-old named Nikita Zhuravel ignited controversy by burning the Koran in front of a mosque in Volgograd. Zhuravel’s actions led to a judicial response, resulting in a sentence of 3.5 years in prison.

Subsequently, Zhuravel faced trial for his actions in Grozny, the capital of Chechnya, Russia. He was apprehended by Russian intelligence shortly after the incident in May. Throughout his detainment and subsequent imprisonment, Zhuravel consistently expressed remorse and issued apologies. During initial interrogations, he claimed that Ukrainian intelligence had offered him financial incentives, leading to his participation in the act.

Upon Chechnya’s request, Zhuravel was transferred to Grozny for trial proceedings, which culminated in a verdict of 3.5 years’ imprisonment, delivered by the Grozny Visaitovsky District Court.

In a separate development, in September of the same year, footage emerged depicting the son of Chechen leader Ramazan Kadyrov assaulting Zhuravel. Kadyrov publicly expressed pride in his son’s actions amidst the controversy.


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