Impatience may increase with Mars-Jupiter square on Tuesday

Impatience may increase with Mars-Jupiter square on Tuesday. This effect may lead to hastiness, intolerance and impulsive behaviours in some people. The important thing is to manage this energy correctly and try to be patient.

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Impatience may increase with Mars-Jupiter square on Tuesday

Wednesday is the “Day of Difficulties” formed by the annual conjunction of the Sun and Saturn.

On the weekend when Venus struggles with Uranus, your need for private space will increase.

Remember: The truth will set you free!

On Sunday there is a quarter moon in sincere Sagittarius, preparing the ground for sincere and honest dialogues.

You can openly discuss an issue that you have been dwelling on since the full moon a week ago.


Tuesday 27 February You may be exposed to opposing points of view.

That day, your ruling planet Mars is in your house of teamwork and Jupiter is in your second house. If you start to lose your centre, remind yourself that you have a vision and a very high vision at that.

Instead of taking a defensive stance, listen to what others have to say.

Someone can teach you an alternative and new way of doing things that will save you time and money.

If you go too far off plan, a colleague may remind you that you need to do things the old-fashioned way.

Summarise: What you are looking for is balance, so whatever agreement you come to, make sure it is a healthy experiment.

On Wednesday (aka “Day of Challenges”), Saturn aligns with the Sun in Pisces, which can feel overwhelming.

It may feel like there are too many projects and people, but too little time. Pisces, in your twelfth house, is the ruler of healing and divinely inspired creativity.

As great as it sounds, there is a lot to juggle, which makes it necessary to evaluate your current goals and prioritise the ones that speak to your soul the most.

If your heart is not in that project, don’t force it to finish. Make sure you don’t sabotage yourself!

Is there something you need to clean up?

Plan a big cleaning task in the middle of the week. If you can’t do it in one go, focus on how great you will feel when you get rid of the excesses, especially when it comes to clothes and “stuff”…

This weekend, especially on Sunday, when Venus in your house of hopes and dreams enters a confused aspect with rogue Uranus in your house of money, is important.

Your main task is to keep your earned money and fantasies under strict control and not to spend rent money on vintage items. How much do you need these items, Coach?

Would it be better to invest this money in a seminar or course that will provide you with profitable new skills?

Or how about a weekend holiday that will revitalise your body, mind and soul? What goes around comes around!


Ambition is good, Taurus, but only to a point.

If you have bitten off more than you can chew, it may be time to downshift.

On Tuesday, 27 February, Jupiter in your sign makes a challenging square with Mars in Aquarius in your career house, bringing out excesses.

Get real, Taurus. Your labour is admirable, but is it achievable?

That’s the real question. Your pragmatic and methodical sign knows the value of getting things done at the right pace and with the right resources. But if you suddenly overstep your limit or set unrealistic deadlines, pull the emergency brake.

How can you honour the vision while minimising it by breaking it down into smaller, more manageable stages?

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so take time this Tuesday to lay the foundation for aqueducts and marble columns that should last a long time.

Jupiter can make you make big promises, and the last thing your trustworthy sign wants is to deliver a job sloppily. If you need to set more realistic milestones, tell people.

Have you been waiting for an opportunity to update your contact list and branding, Taurus? Circle this Wednesday (aka “Challenge Day”) on your calendar.

The Sun and Saturn are conjunct in Pisces and your eleventh house of networking. The only challenge may be to act on what you find when you review all your social media and dating profiles.

Is it current, sophisticated enough and does it reflect the real you? Saturn travelling in this area invests in you coming across as a class act, staying true to your true self.

This transition in your tech home can breathe life into an online project, software training, or whatever you’re working on. Get serious now. You could have something profitable before your birthday.


You are in your uninterrupted search for knowledge, you prefer to create your own lesson plans, but you should get out of the obsession of being a guru of something every now and then.

This week you feel ready to DIY and commit to something.

On Tuesday 27 February, Mars in your education zone will oppose philosophical Jupiter in your mystical twelfth house.

Is it more valuable to listen to the WORDS spoken or the feelings they evoke in you? There is no definitive answer to this, but the general rule of thumb is always this: If someone demands (or even implies) that you submit or surrender, consider it a red line.

There is a lot of knowledge in the world and there are countless teachers who really care about their students. Just because someone has a great reputation does not mean that he is really a good person.

So think long and hard before putting anyone on a pedestal. On the other hand, if a fan is giving you a little too much attention, pull the plug on this dynamic and regain your autonomy (as soon as possible) and don’t hesitate to disappoint them with as much affection.

On Wednesday (aka “Day of Challenges”) the Sun synchronises with Saturn; in Pisces and in your tenth house related to success this position has not occurred for almost thirty years!

This blend can help you define and master your big goals. In doing so, serious Saturn can reveal gaps in your database. These are not things to worry about either.

If something is missing, get busy filling those gaps with specialised training. Invest some time and money in webinars and courses, and consider working with a counsellor or career coach if you need one-to-one support.

If you are having trouble in a professional relationship, start an honest dialogue about your vision and strategies. When you engage in dialogue with the intention of collaboration and mutual gain, you can achieve a lot.


On Tuesday 27 February, pay close attention to your intellectual property and trade secrets when Jupiter in your eleventh house of community confronts competitive Mars in your eighth house.

Your intuition and cautious nature won’t let you down, Cancer, but even you are vulnerable to a “breach of security” under these changeable skies.

If you feel that your 6th sense is not giving you support when you need it most, be more careful.

Share information as needed, even if you get a credible impression from someone. Don’t rush to rush something to the finish line or to encourage people to adhere to YOUR (possibly unrealistic) timeline.

When you rush and do not take the necessary time to realise your craft skilfully, you can end up with a below-average result and possibly a riot.

The eleventh house is also your zone of technology and teamwork, so if you sense friction between the ranks, don’t ignore it or try to wish it away.

Call for a summit and ask people to contribute.

Say as little as necessary; your job is to listen to their concerns and address the important ones.

You may be tempted to make unilateral decisions or to stop communicating altogether out of frustration.

Criticise yourself before you marginalise anyone else. If you give others the chance to step forward and offer solutions, they can achieve more than you imagine.

Leave room for coincidences on Sunday!

Dear Cancer, you think you know your moods, but over the weekend, your impulses and desires could deepen with Venus in your eighth house clashing with Uranus in the 11th house.

You may suddenly feel constrained and suddenly want to leave the group and be alone with your partner.

Venus in sociable Aquarius is all about friendships, but with Venus in your eighth house of deep union, it won’t behave.

By the way, Uranus energy is impetuous and unpredictable. So if you’re beginning to think that plans won’t light your fire, let people know as far in advance as possible that you “can’t make it”, especially if hard-to-refund tickets are involved.


Keep your excitement in check, Leo! Even if you have an idea you can’t wait to share, keep it a little more secret.

On Tuesday 27 February, there is a tense square between Jupiter in your career house and impulsive Mars.

This will make you so excited that your high energy may frustrate your supporters.

While it’s good to get a little carried away, be careful who you share details with and when.

On the other hand, if you have reached a plateau or are not sure what your next move will be, this transit can give you motivation to team up with people who share your vision.

Enterprising Mars in Aquarius is in your partnership zone. This could lead you outside your existing social circles. But be a little sceptical as feisty Mars and Jupiter are in a difficult square.

People’s achievements on paper do not make them trustworthy. If someone goes a little overboard with flattery, don’t take the bait.

Know your OWN worth and don’t let it affect you. The last thing you want to do is sign an agreement that will benefit THEM more than it will benefit you!

Even if they’re more experienced, it’s important to be fair in your co-operation. A professional may have a brilliant idea or a loan you’ve been waiting for.

On Wednesday (also known as the “Day of Challenges”) the sky is full of important lessons and you may not like the way they are presented.

The Sun’s conjunction with Saturn – the first time in almost thirty years – takes place in Pisces and in your eighth house.

You may fall into someone’s web because of their cool flirting (or irresistible sexiness), but smell a dangerous relationship or any situation that could turn into a dramatic mess.

Do not let your heroic side be triggered in such a situation. There is a helplessness in a wounded bird that puts you in saviour mode, and this means losses for both sides.

Take control of the story and avoid rumours. Everyone has foibles and secrets, but don’t let nosy types make fun of your private life.

Sunday is not a working day for most of us, but it can be difficult to keep your thoughts from drifting to business matters.

Thanks to the aspect between Venus and Uranus in your tenth house, the house of career, business matters may dominate your brunch conversation.

This is an exciting and difficult to control energy and you may find yourself excited about doing something big and meaningful in the coming months.

The stronger you feel the winds of change blowing, the faster you will act. But don’t jump without a parachute.

Webinars, mentorships, seminars… It is always a good idea to refresh and update your knowledge base in order to make a breakthrough.

A word of caution: Leave enough space in your calendar for love life or spending time with close friends, which is a necessary component of happiness.


Virgos are usually modest, but when Jupiter forms a difficult square to authoritarian Mars on Tuesday 27 February, you may feel a little overconfident.

Before you meddle in any topic or position, make sure you REALLY know what you are talking about.

Take a moment (or an afternoon) to research and study, making sure you’re following the most current and reliable sources. The hasty and erratic energy of Jupiter-Mars can cancel out your normally excellent common sense.

Virgo probably doesn’t need to be reminded of this: People who talk confidently don’t always know what they’re talking about. With Mars in your house of wellness, be especially sceptical when it comes to nutritional, medical and fitness advice.

Avoid extreme programmes that are difficult to sustain in the long term, even if they bring temporary results.

Going away this weekend, Virgo?

You should find a way to relieve the acute wanderlust that can hit you hard on Sunday.

The blend of pleasure-seeking Venus and spontaneous Uranus in your ninth house may discourage you from household chores and cancel previously made plans.

Although you would never let anyone down, if there is a way to revitalise things, do it!

If you give yourself a day off, you will come back refreshed and energised and will be able to complete these tasks in record time.


As a master of balance, you know that there is a fine line between “enough” and too much, and also between brisk and too fast.

Your innate balance could be put to the test on Tuesday 27 February when intensifying Mars in your passionate fifth house collides with Jupiter in your possessive eighth house.

You love real emotions, but under this all-pervading energy all over the chart, your senses can shift you from curiosity to lust, insecurity and provocation.

You may feel unusually keen on something (i.e. “someone”) without extensive background research. But at least give some thought to the long-term impact of jumping into this fire.

This may not be possible given the impetuous nature of the Mars-Jupiter connection. On the other side of the coin, if someone is pushing YOUR buttons, count to 10 or however long it takes, suppress the urge to retaliate by hitting below the belt.

The best way to keep your cool is to practice self-control. Just when you desperately want to message your Tinder date, resist!

Romantic fantasy (even personal drama) is ultimately distracting. Channel these feelings to the muse and turn your attention to your next masterpiece.

Get ready, set up, clean up! If you want to start such a task, wait until Wednesday (aka “Day of Challenges”) when the enlightening Sun and disciplined Saturn meet in Pisces and your sixth house.

Set aside a large bag of materials to recycle, gift to friends or donate to a charity.

In your work life, take a serious look at your schedule and look for ways to work more efficiently.

Cleaning your home and head is great, but to be even more effective, you need help.

You need to create a space in your energy field by releasing repressed emotions that are absorbing energy that you are not even aware of.

Start thinking of exercises and meditations as a necessity, not a luxury, and add them to your calendar! Today we have an important reminder that health is wealth.


Do you remember Abraham Lincoln’s sage advice about pleasing some people?

On Tuesday 27 February, when demanding Mars in your fourth house conjuncts Jupiter in your relationship zone, you may want to write it 100 times in your diary.

Your inner circle may not be very receptive to your love, or perhaps your partner feels like a weed when you invite your closest friends or family.

Under this tense square, a strongly worded negative comment may break your heart and your sensitive side may become defensive.

OR you can be touchy with people who intrude into your personal space. You are quick to recognise false sweet talk or emotional manipulation, but because your reserves are low, you may say yes to all-consuming requests or unattractive invitations.

Don’t take the bait! The good thing about the Mars-Jupiter square is that it can give you the self-confidence to stand up to authoritarian personalities.

Stay out of sight on Sunday. You may have reached a quiet spot by the end of the week, but that doesn’t mean that everyone gets there.

Venus seeking harmony in your fourth house of home and family is triggered by Uranus in Taurus pressing the button in your seventh house.

You or a relative may be stuck in a cat-and-mouse game and may never find your way out for the rest of your life.

One minute you are being a polite diplomat, the next minute you are playing devil’s advocate or being forced to defend your position; this is not the idea of a quiet weekend.

Think long and hard before offering unsolicited advice or “constructive criticism” and if someone says something to you, try not to take it personally.

Unless someone specifically asks you for your opinion or guidance, keep your judgements and useful tips to yourself.

This disruptive transition can cause unnecessary tension between you and a loved one.

Let them know that you are going to pursue some personal interests. The one thing you do NOT want to do is to leave people worried or even angry.


Some people never forget what they hear. It is therefore important to pay attention to what “useful tips” you offer this week and what comes out of your mouth.

On Tuesday 27 February, unfiltered Jupiter makes a confrontational square with aggressive Mars in your communication corner, which could make your comment feel more like an attack than a compassionate response.

It doesn’t matter if you are right or not, it matters how you get out of it. And if people are not ready to take your advice or hear your wise words, don’t waste your breath.

If you sincerely believe that someone is about to make a big mistake, ask them if you can share your opinion before you impose it on them.

Getting their permission first might make them more receptive to your feedback. But here’s an even bigger question for you, Archer: Why are you so focused on other people’s work?

Is it a matter of control, or are you unconsciously avoiding a daunting problem or your own goal?

Instead of pretending to be a life coach, perhaps it would be helpful to have a session yourself.

Stop being busy and plan some action steps for your dreams. With someone to advise you and hold you accountable, you can make great progress on a personal project, which is a much more efficient way to use your energy.

Even as you mend your relationships this week, you may want to do some soul-searching around your own inner judge and critic; yes Sagittarius, even you have that side of you. Sunday’s stars can create challenging dynamics.

Uranus, the wildcard in your meticulous, detail-orientated sixth house, casts a shadow on Venus and stirs things up as it squares twice a year.

Self-doubt can arise suddenly.

Insecurity or regret may arise.

This is the perfect time to stop moving forward and do some cognitive-behavioural therapy on yourself.

Think, write or go for an invigorating walk, keep the devices switched off and just follow your muse.

Is it possible you’ve been too hard on yourself? Do not rush to apologise. True friends, true Sagittarius, love and accept their “flaws”.


Capricorn, how clear are you about the difference between “want” and “need”?

You MAY THINK you’re as savvy about this as anyone else, but watch your desires and wishes this week.

On Tuesday 27 February, impulsive Mars in your house of finance enters a complex aspect with risk-taking Jupiter in your house of pleasure.

There is nothing wrong with longing for beautiful objects and a cosy-chic winter wardrobe. But if you don’t technically need it, try something different: Add it to the wish list instead of your basket.

Get some sleep, then review your budget and see if the temporary impulse disappears (or the price drops) in a few days.

Sometimes you may have to give it a week, but you may be surprised how quickly your desires change.

Of course, if you’re a frugal goat who has kept his wallet under lock and key since the holidays, this transition may actually loosen your grip to death.

No matter how hard you work for money, the important thing is to enjoy it once in a while.

And don’t forget that it takes money to make money. How about investing in digital equipment, coaching or specialised training that can help you grow your wealth?

This Sunday, your romantic impulses can’t be contained as provocative Uranus in your house of love sends an exciting ray to sensual Venus.

Single Capricorns will also have no problem attracting deep relationships, even if you know that this is temporary and only a pleasant affair.

If you are a couple, break the “same old” trap by trying new ways of interacting with each other. Don’t finish each other’s sentences or assume you know what your partner is thinking.

When you are out on your own, loosen the leash and start joking with the friendly faces that catch your eye.

Make 100 per cent sure you know where to draw the line and respect it.

Stay true to your personal integrity to avoid regrets (and guilt).


Aquarius, don’t be in too much of a hurry to hand out all the access cards to your inner circle this week.

When you flaunt your big smile, people are instinctively drawn to you, but that doesn’t mean you owe them anything.

On Tuesday 27 February, accelerator Mars in your sign locks horns with unrestrained Jupiter, which could cause logic to fly out the window as you follow the thrill of an instant click. But after that first attraction, how does this person make you feel?

Could they be energy vampires, eager to feed on your high energy?

There is a time and place for your free-flowing generosity, Aquarius, but listen to what your own emotions and physiological reactions are telling you.

If you notice that you feel uneasy around certain friends or relatives, you may need to address this disconnect directly. But don’t let daggers fly out of your eyes: Speak confidently.

Their behaviour can be a temporary trigger, and even that is worth tracing back to its source. Today you can learn an invaluable lesson about yourself.

On Sunday, Venus in your sign moves towards a combustible square, while your ruler, destructive Uranus, parked in Taurus, is in your fourth house and this can bring tension in the family.

You’re loyal to your close circle, but loved ones may feel resentful if they take up too much of your time and you may feel besieged by responsibility.

Instead of getting angry, see this as the motivation you need to set clearer and stricter boundaries.

At first this may seem strange and uncomfortable, but it is better to say no to all-consuming cravings than to drown in pain.

On the other hand, make sure that you do not leave your immediate environment in a difficult situation. You may aspire to fly freely, but fulfil the responsibilities you are legally required to fulfil.

Pisces Sign

If there was ever a week to watch what you say, this would be it, Pisces!

There is wisdom in the expression “loose lips sink ships” and on Tuesday 27 February, when unfiltered Jupiter in your communication centre clashes with fiery Mars in your twelfth house, you should take these wise words seriously.

Think twice, maybe three or four times before overfilling your cup and spilling the tea.

Is it really worth falling into the trap of this mess? If your psychological session is overheard by the wrong people, good luck!

If this is an important person in your world, it’s worth scheduling some one-on-one time to talk about it. Perhaps you have been too kind when you should have set some boundaries!

On Wednesday, the bright Sun and cautious Saturn meet for their annual rendezvous, and for the first time in thirty years, they’re doing it in YOUR sign!

Although tremendous growth is possible under this conjunction, this “Day of Challenges” can also make you feel suppressed when you try to express yourself.

Fear can creep in, but a more productive use of this energy is to take advantage of Saturn’s organising abilities.

How can you express your thought in a mature and concise way?

Focus on your message and WHY you want to put it there.

Saturn can help you eliminate everything unnecessary, from unnecessary words to items in boxes in the attic.

If it’s time for a cleaning mission, act now! Scan those boxes and piles of paper and update your professional and social media profiles, biography and CV on the one hand.

If you discover a gap between your existing database and your desire for expertise, invest in sessions with an expert.

Dear Pisces, there is nothing you cannot master, if that is your wish, remember that.

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